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Japanese vehicle exports earthquake March to the first drop in 16 months

Japanese Ministry of Finance (MinistryofFinance) recently said that affected by the earthquake, in March 2011 from the Japanese auto exports for the first time in 16 months declined.

    Data show that Japanese auto exports in March fell 27.8%, of which the number of cars exported to the United States fell 27.2%, while the number of exports to Asia fell 23.4%, usually Japanese car exports accounted for 10 of the country's total exports %.

    It is understood that the earthquake affected 3.11 Japan Japanese car factory production and port operations, three major Japanese carmakers Toyota, Nissan and Honda parts supply problems because of the cut-off and cut into difficulties.

    Daiwa Institute of Research economist Hiroshi Watanabe (HiroshiWatanabe), said: "This is a make car manufacturers and other manufacturers very frustrating situation, although there is high demand overseas, but can not produce enough products."

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