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Teach you how to modify it yourself xenon lamp

Xenon lamp is a modified car, modified hot issue, but also a need for specialized knowledge. If you want to learn if the modified xenon lamp, you can order for your reference Xiaobian xenon lamp conversion steps. The following is from Guangdong Kingwood Electronics Co., the information technology department, so a certain degree of professionalism and authority.

First, check

Modified the original car's appearance before the inspection, the distance light is normal, to normal conditions in the original car in order to further modification. (Note that much light hit the lamp will not light when the observation of the past, some car lights state is far too close to light bright light conditions after the installation far distance light will also light, which is normal, in some models is the distance light separate bright.) Modified according to user needs, first unplug the original car headlight control, power check whether the failure on the dashboard warning lights, high beam indicator does not light or flash. If properly installed directly to the next step. If the light fails, or other abnormal situation should contact the manufacturer and professional recognition in order to further modification.

Second, the demolition of the original car halogen bulb

Removal must be very careful not to damage the appearance of light and line cups, check model and remove the halogen bulb xenon lamp models are the same. (Eg, different models can not be modified)

Third, the fixed xenon bulbs

Xenon lamp should be closely aligns the car lights Cup, if the installation xenon lamp cup holder and car astigmatism is not placed there will be problems when installing some attention, it is recommended to remove the installation more intuitive lamp cup. Note: As some of the original car seat deck lights are special, ordinary lamp holder can not be fixed after installation, you need to install special cup holder with the original lights, need to install special lamp models have BMW Series models , 04,05 Odyssey models, Volkswagen Jetta, Touran, the new Bora and so on.

Fourth, opening

Waterproof cast open the hole diameter 22-25mm, and xenon lights leads through the hole from the hole and block the hole with a rubber ring. If the rubber ring to block the larger clearance hole to be sealed with adhesive rubber ring will be good. Note: If you remove the original halogen bulbs no need to remove the car cover waterproof car you do not need holes in a waterproof cover.

Fifth, fixed ballast

As far as possible away from the car to install ballast engine (such as engines, tanks, etc.), so as not to affect the life of the ballast, the best installation location is in the bumper, headlight assembly beneath or beside it. Note: When possible, use fixed ballast mounting bracket screws or fastening.

VI Connection

Connection with the original car xenon bulb socket input power cord, connecting with the xenon bulb ballast input power cord, connecting the high-voltage ballast and the lamp plug.

Note: Lamps Products (H4, H13, 9004,9007) need to take power on the battery, when connecting the line to ensure that the original car is not power, grounding in the body connected to the negative and be sure to screw with a blade or Cuodao new setback to the surface, so that the body good contact with the wire ear.

VII, check

Check the xenon lamp is fixed in place; waterproof apron is sealed; ballast is securely; connection is correct, complete original car parts firm screws, clean the installation site, so that tools or other items not near the engine. Open the engine power test lamp is lit, with or without bad situation. In determining the non-poor case, harness, lead with a tie fixed to the body, especially the roots of ballast high pressure output line must be fixed in the body so as to avoid cars in your work makes high-frequency vibrations caused by breaking line leaving the ballast does not work.

Eight power tests

Open the engine, adjust the lamp-shaped lighting, check the light pattern is correct, do the installation log, in order to prepare for the next installation or maintenance inspection.

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