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Sinopec oil: after the market mixed waste should be avoided

During the Shanghai Auto Show, the reporter had the honor to interview the vice president of Sinopec Corp. Mr. Li Liangyao oil companies to the Chinese automobile market prospects and challenges in-depth discussion. Great Wall Lubricant oil as the world's fourth-largest brand, faced with tremendous opportunities and challenges ... ...

Reporter: Faced with increasingly sophisticated Chinese automobile market, the enterprise is how to deal? What new products recently? Please tell us about product performance and characteristics?

A: The Great Wall Lubricant technology through the use of compound and hydrogenated base oil, the introduction of the gold lucky SN/GF-5 5W-30 motor oil, is the world's access to API (American Petroleum Institute) SN and ILSACGF-5 Specification of the world's first certified batch.

Kim Ji-Xing SN/GF-5 5W-30 instead SM products, become the highest-gas market, oil products, with higher fuel economy and fuel economy, durability, and to ensure that oil and vehicle emission system components, compatibility, to meet European emission standards and other higher level. Kim Ji-Xing engine oil 5W-30 and broad application, to meet the small size of the engine, turbocharger, cylinder deactivation technology, gasoline direct injection technology, bio-fuels and hybrid technologies such as universal access.

Reporter: For the rapidly growing Chinese auto market after what point?

A: The car market is yet to tap the market: China has the largest car market, but also will have the largest size car market. With increasing car ownership, driving the development of automotive service, automotive after-market potential is huge. 2015, after the car market will reach 300 billion, is a rich mine to be excavated, but also "Blue Ocean."

Car market has not yet formed a strong brand: According to the experience of Europe and the United States, after automobile industrial chain market is the most stable source of profit, total profit of 60-70%, the automobile market is the strategic focus of the automotive industry is doomed compete for the land will be anxious, but not the Chinese auto market after the formation of a strong brand, cut into the car market is now at the right time to do the right thing.

Conservation trends in the automotive after-market and focus: "seven support, one-third of maintenance" to keep on behalf of the amendments accepted by more and more car owners. After the market share of future automotive repair 15%, while maintenance will reach 75% market share, the remaining 10% were vehicle beauty.

Current automotive industry environment will be the automotive after-market boosters: the purchase of, monetary policy, the impact of multiple factors, the growth of China's auto market began to fall, to automobile manufacturers, in particular, 4S shop has caused tremendous pressure to survive. This will encourage manufacturers to put more eyes on automobile market, the automotive industry environment to offset the adverse effects. This will be the rapid development of automotive after-market booster.

Reporter: At present, the best-selling product is the company? Technical advantages?

A: The high-end luxury diesel motor oil and lubricating oil is selling better products the Great Wall. Among them, the Great Wall Gold Gemstar oil has passed the U.S. Department of Ashkenazi, Japanese, Korean series and other OEM manufacturers recognized as the major domestic and international car prices and services specified in loading oil, but also the products most consumers .

Golden Great Wall Lubricating Oil of Sinopec Gemstar is developed for urban car for oil, is the Great Wall, the typical civilian aerospace technology products, additives and their ratio by unique technology, has a "sophisticated security factors," core technology, including powerful clean double wear, three prominent features of high and low temperature protection for different parts, different temperatures, different resultant balance conservation with precision, precision security for the cars to help the owners manage the status quo. After testing, the wear resistance of the Great Wall Gold lucky, clean, high temperature protection were significantly higher than that of API (American Petroleum Institute) and national standards.

Reporter: China's car market is still growing, do you think the biggest hidden dangers in what? After the Chinese market is still much to be desired, what the greatest impact?

A: The car market there is wastage of resources, after the car market has great potential, and has entered the rapid increase in access, market opportunities, which attract a large number of manufacturers to enter. This is conducive to the prosperity of automobile market, but also led the market varies greatly, largely responsible for the waste of resources. For example, car cleaning service, a large number of car wash car wash with tap water, this is a great waste of water resources. After saving the market is what we should be pursuing.

Lack of standardization and standardization: a number of automotive after-market segments, manufacturers even more numerous, but because of inadequate laws and regulations, market, mixed, mixed, disorderly competition in the market. Therefore, the competitive environment of ordering, the car market after the development and the user is a blessing.

Car market has some monopoly characteristics: At present, China auto market after the market is still attached to the front, has a monopoly characteristics, and this phenomenon will be a longer period of time to come.

Reporter: business is how to overcome these difficulties?

A: further improve the oil industry chain, the Great Wall Lubricating Oil of products and services to the automotive after market, and now, the Great Wall in Beijing's Great Wall has 15 professional car maintenance center lubricants, and in the next few years, the expansion of the conservation center . Through investment in equipment, personnel training and other means to provide vehicle owners with technical, professional maintenance services, the establishment of the Great Wall conservation brand, to win the trust of the owner; the same time, in recent years, the Great Wall Lubricating Oil to develop car window net, engine cleaning health-based agent green car maintenance products, forming a lubricating oil, grease, maintenance products, and improve care centers, including products and service system.

Adaptation motor oil FMCG trends and sales network to the terminal sink. Develop repair shop, oil change center, shop maintenance services category, including sales terminals to facilitate the customer's consumption of lubrication products and services.

According to the young riders on the oil consumption habits, and create e-commerce network marketing model. At present, young riders prefer online shopping, the Great Wall Lubricating Oil station early last year opened in Taobao's first oil industry official flagship store opens, the majority of the young riders to be sought after, the car maintenance in Taobao products in the forefront.

Reporter: The Chinese market and overseas markets What are the different points, what are the similarities?

Abroad "seven support, one-third of maintenance" concept has become a popular automotive consumer culture, but still most of the owners in the country's awareness of conservation is not high. At present, China's car market is still in a subordinate position, not formed a separate market.

Reporter: How to deal with environmental protection and conservation of energy? Enterprises in energy conservation which strategic planning?

A: The adjustment of product structure: the Great Wall Lubricating Oil market-oriented product structure adjustment, with a lucky gold and oil, represented by the "Great Wall Hi World" window net to represent the conservation of non-oil products, promoting technological upgrading to meet increasingly stringent fuel emission standard room.

Development of environmentally friendly energy saving products: services rely on the Great Wall of China 50 years of accumulated technology space, four R & D center, we have invested significant human and material resources to green conservation of oil and other environmentally friendly product development, while the United States and other internationally renowned Southwest Research Institute agencies to establish cooperation and the major car manufacturers to develop products that meet the energy saving trends.

Reporter: For the brand promotion, business What are the plans?

A: We hope that through more interactive activities with the riders, for riders to provide products and services to Great Wall conservation experience, knowledge and understanding of the Great Wall to bikers, for bikers not only the best lubricants on the market, but also other conservation can provide the best products and services.
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