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Honeywell customized for the Chinese high-tech solutions for the automotive industry

Leader in turbocharger technology to accelerate as the world's fastest growing automobile industry a strong technology for specific market power.

April 19, 2011, the world's leading developer of automotive turbochargers Honeywell (NYSE: HON) debut at the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Auto Show, will showcase its local R & D, production a series of turbo product solutions. Honeywell this exhibition to demonstrate its flexibility to respond to the world's fastest growing automotive market demand strength.

With the turbo technology in the automobile production in all sectors and manufacturers are widely accepted in 2011, with a turbocharged light vehicle sales in the Chinese market is expected to grow 20% to 230 million. Honeywell is the application of models specifically for Chinese R & D for smaller turbo engine technology to meet the booming Chinese market. In this show, there will be several production with Shanghai Honeywell turbocharger production model independent Chinese brands appear, including the new 2.0L G5 Chery petrol engine models, and JAC Refine 2.0 L and Swiss Eagle 1.9L models.

Honeywell Transportation Systems Group President and CEO Alex Ismail said: "China's remarkable economic achievements and the rapid rise of the middle class, suggesting the Chinese market will be more mature and more demanding than ever before. Performance and driving pleasure Chinese consumer has become the primary purchase decision factor. At the same time, they want affordable, fuel efficient cars. The charm of turbocharger technology is there, it makes car manufacturers do not reduce the high performance of the under the vehicle's fuel efficiency by 20% to 40%, while meeting more stringent emission requirements. "

In this show turbocharged vehicles, Chery new luxury sedan Ruiqi G5 on the selection of Honeywell turbochargers, to enhance low-speed torque and driveability. The turbocharger is a gasoline engine and the manual for the design of the engine response to higher temperatures and increased engine durability and operation of specialized research and development.

Exhibitors were also used gasoline turbochargers Honeywell's JAC Refine 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. The turbocharger is designed into a compact engine compartment, and the new engine can replace the need for greater space, common naturally aspirated 2.4L engine. In addition, compared with the previous generation of products, refine 2.0L turbocharged fuel efficiency can be improved to better meet future emission requirements.

JAC Swiss Eagle 1.9L diesel vehicles with turbo technology is another example of benefit. This mid-sized SUV is equipped with multi-function upgrade turbo diesel engine, using a Honeywell VNT turbocharger, to get a better low-speed torque. Honeywell VNT turbocharger can change the internal structure to maximize the amount of air into and thus improve performance. It offers Swiss Eagle Swiss Eagle compared to the previous 2.8L turbo diesel engine version of lower emissions and better torque and fuel efficiency.

Turbocharged engine vehicles in China by more and more consumers, China now account for all new light vehicle sales 13%. By 2015, the share of expected to grow to 20-25%.

Honeywell was founded in Shanghai in 2002, a turbocharger engineering centers, research and development for the Chinese market as a turbocharger technology center. The center also offers testing for Chinese auto manufacturers to help them make better use of Honeywell Turbo Technologies.

Honeywell Turbo Technologies, General Manager Mr. Gao Dinggui China, said: "We put a lot of resources tailored for the China market solutions. These investments have begun to return, and we also continue to explore new China areas, indicating that Honeywell for China to focus on long-term commitment to providing high technology solutions. "

Honeywell Turbo Technologies is the leading global developer of automotive turbochargers and friction materials sector and is part of Honeywell Transportation Systems Group's business units. As a leading automotive supplier and 2011 PACE Automotive Innovation, advanced technology and performance award winners, Honeywell Transportation Systems Group focused on by leading technology, high standard of world brands, and globalization solutions to help the world automobile manufacturers to improve vehicle performance, efficiency and appearance.

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