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Japan nuclear leak to the electronic export products from 5% to 10% broad based

Raw material prices, labor wages, finance charges and foreign exchange risk control and a series of rising costs, raise product prices as a large number of domestic foreign trade enterprises passive choice. Canton Fair, a reporter at the scene were visited appliances, hardware and building materials industry, almost without exception, dozens of companies that have raised prices.

    "Compared to last year, the rate of increase in the overall cost of raw materials more than 10%." Fair opening day, Ningbo Jide Electrical Appliance Company export manager Zhang Yan complain that they engaged in the refrigerator, washing machine manufacturing and sales, the main raw material needed for the production of copper, plastics in the past year, prices rose 20% to 80%.

    In addition, some exhibitors reflected by the leakage of nuclear power plants in Japan and the impact of the earthquake, some electronic components, such as integrated circuits, wafer, semiconductor imports also appeared difficult, Huojin price Yang.

    Zhang Yan said, compared with last year, they produce washing machines price increase by about 5%; Hisense Group (microblogging) Huang Jian, deputy general manager of international marketing, said, Hisense air conditioners, refrigerators prices increase rate of about 10% and 5% .

    Global Sources held at the same spring also reported on the development of e-procurement news, compared with last year, many of the electronics industry export prices of 5% to 10% of the increase. Global resources for the 232 export companies have done a survey, 74% of respondents said they raised in 2010, export prices, while 24% of suppliers are plans to implement a new round of price adjustment.

    "Habits of competition from cheap domestic export enterprises, have no ability to digest the upstream price factors." International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce research fellow Jinbo Song said.

    It is worth noting that most companies do not export price level and cost of raw materials. Huang Jian said that Hisense current rate of increase in export prices can not cover its rising costs, companies must improve efficiency and save logistics costs make up the profits to be compressed.

    Global Sources The survey also showed that one-third of respondents said that exporters of raw materials and accessories last year, price increases of 6% to 10%, while up to 41% of the respondents pointed out that the suppliers of raw materials prices rose as high as 11% to 20 % or more.

    Export production in the air-conditioning business in Europe than in the Department of Liang Yongping told reporters raised their prices at least 5%, but still far below the raw material price increases, but even so, there are still reasons for overseas customers because the price is forced to choose other export their products, "many of the same type of product manufacturers, price competition is very fierce."

    After a large number of enterprises for the order flow and price is not the end. A hardware products with the people in charge as saying "some of the cost of the pressure is already unbearable," "price up very disturbed."

    Export enterprises in China, raised prices at the same time, some foreign investors are also eyeing a relatively low production cost countries in Southeast Asia, one for overseas buyers survey, more than 30% of respondents said they would increase from Vietnam, Thailand, procurement, procurement of goods to hardware, consumer goods, fashion apparel and accessories based.

    Have Kangde Zhu's. According to Global Resources survey, although 36% of the automotive electronics supplier to increase prices in recent months to offset rising costs, but still 83% of respondents expect 2011 sales will increase.
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