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Isuzu Philippines, the shortage of spare parts factories closed fourteen days

Japan's Isuzu Motors has announced that the company's factory in the Philippines on April 18 has ceased production, cut prices because, like other Japanese cars, is due to supply of spare parts by the Japanese earthquake.

    Isuzu Motors said the company's factories closed in the Philippines date for April 18 to May 2, a total of fourteen days will be discontinued. Although factory production has interrupted, but still Isuzu Motors vehicle sales by 2011 goal of confidence, the company that the car sales this year will achieve 17% growth.

    Isuzu Philippines Corporation executive vice president of Kato Spring (YukiKato) pointed out that Isuzu Motors Japan is not in March suffered a large earthquake damage, but the company's part of the auto parts supplier, has seriously damaged .

    It is understood that the company's production of Isuzu Philippines, largely dependent on imported Japanese parts, so the company expects the supply of parts back to normal as soon as possible.

    In addition, Isuzu President Hosoi line (SusumuHosoi) also responded to the media before the public will acquire the relevant reports of Suzuki shares, Hosoi bank said: "He is more inclined to let the company maintain its independence, only to enter new markets and new areas when it is considered with other companies.;
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