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Honda, Japan factory repair parts supply still have problems

Honda Motor President Takanobu Ito said at the Shanghai Auto Show, in the earthquake, Honda in Japan, part of the work has been affected, but all the factories have been fixed.

    Takanobu Ito optimistic about when answering questions yesterday, but he admitted that supply problems that still exist. "The main problem is the microprocessor chip." Ito said the normal time is uncertain. Microprocessor chip to control the operation of the engine and airbags, the current shortage of chips on the auto industry had a major impact in Japan, Honda, Toyota and Nissan have combined the major chip companies assistance in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    The plant's production capacity in China, said Takanobu Ito, due to the shortage of some parts, the production line at full capacity only 50% of capacity in the work, Honda, Guangzhou and Wuhan have been adjusted in the parts inventory.
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