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Shanghai Auto Show: to create a unique integrated global auto show

Today, much concerns of the industry opening of the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Motor Show. China indisputably become the world's largest automotive market, as the most authoritative, one of the most influential auto show, Auto Shanghai has been given this additional expectations.

    The total size of the Shanghai auto show more than 200,000 square meters, the highest domestic auto show the most. Exhibition includes 13 indoor exhibition halls, 11 of which vehicle and two parts museum, and a number of outdoor temporary exhibition hall and outdoor venues, and has tires and sound booth.

    To the scale of the 2010 Beijing Auto Show 2100 exhibitors and 860 show car, this figure pales enough to make the world auto show. The disclosure from the current situation, the total size of the Shanghai auto show this year will hit a record high: an exhibition area increased by 35% over the previous, more than 20 million square meters, a record of the domestic auto show. Show cars from the point of view, well above the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, car show total to 1,100, of which car is starting to reach a record 75 vehicles.

    News conference at the Shanghai auto show, China International Trade Promotion Committee automotive industry branch president, said Wang, the Shanghai auto show in China's automobile market continued to maintain the global automotive sales held in the context of the first, is this year's global scale and has the greatest influence of the auto shows. Shanghai Auto Show is a unique type, is a passenger car, commercial vehicle and parts one of the integrated three plates show, which other major foreign auto focus only on the field of passenger cars is not the same.

    Terms of parts and supplies, compared with the last Shanghai auto show, exhibitors scale has been significantly improved. 2009 Shanghai Auto Show last session, the parts manufacturers and more affected by the financial crisis, so few participants; However, the current first-line auto parts supplier will gather in the International Shanghai, Bridgestone, Hankook, Dunlop, Ruckus Hao Ma, exquisite and other tire companies, AC modification, conversion and other modifications Longbo vendors will bring its new appearance.

    In addition, the Auto Show, organizers will hold dozens of technical seminars, in the form of large-scale procurement of special, special vehicle and parts support, and down the supply chain and other special trade negotiations, as well as "both sides Car Electronics Forum" learn from peer technology to provide for cross-strait exchange of information stage.
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