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Wheel motor electric vehicle in Japan officially unveiled

April 3, 2011 Japan's NHK special reports, environmental information at Keio University Professor, Department of the formation of water Hao Qing "SIM-DRIVE" the company announced March 29 that the company R & D hub motor electric vehicle performance and power has reached the world the highest level, 1 test car "SIM-LEI" appeared the same day, on a single charge range of up to 333 kilometers.

    Professor Hao water wheel motor-driven electric vehicles for over 30 years of history, have developed a 10 wheel drive vehicles, in order to solve the electric vehicle battery life is poor and expensive problems such as bottlenecks, R & D team of experts to focus on reducing body material weight, improve efficiency and renewable energy, the use of ultra-low rolling resistance tires, aggressive use of "fish" type streamlined design minimizes the train resistance, and finally developed and has emerged the concept of electric vehicles of different wheel electric vehicles.

    Which form the hub of electric vehicles like the sea, swim in the "fish", length 4.7 m, Width 1.6 meters high 1.55 meters, manned 4, total weight 1650 kg, a charge JC08 mode, 333 km, energy 77Wh / km, 100 are 308 km speed driving mode, energy 84Wh/km, 0 100km / h acceleration time of 4.8 seconds, top speed up to 150km / h. Futuristic instrument panel, reversing a 19-inch monitor, all concentrated in the steering wheel on the left button, lithium battery boxes as drawer in a car at the bottom. Wheel motor design of two 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive 4, 8 8 drivers, new cars and used cars modified designs are applicable.

    Wheel motor design with conventional wheel hub motors different, it changed the traditional flat-driven electric vehicle, while the use of the method and the direct drive gear. Dependent on the motor hub motor built into the miniaturization and high performance, with energy efficiency, expanded use of space and control performance advantages, and alternative motor of electric vehicles using the engine can be extended more than 30% compared to the mileage.

    Professor Shimizu said parking monitors will have the information for future communication and entertainment features, it can be said of the design concept and function of the car to revolutionize the auto industry today. Made in order to achieve not only their own cars, more use low prices to the production of electric cars electric vehicles enterprises to provide information on cutting-edge technology and the desire, the professor in August 2009 set up a joint high-tech enterprises and 34 companies " SIM-DRIVE ", all investment business rules can enjoy the research enterprise.
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