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Earthquake and tsunami led to the Japanese automotive parts manufacturer in trouble

For Toyota Motor (Toyota), Honda (Honda) and General Motors (GeneralMotors) and other auto giants, in its support of the global industry supply chain, many unknown Japanese car parts manufacturers can be said that this the beginning of the supply chain. However, recently in Japan after an earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese auto parts supplier in trouble, and this link may lead to lack of global production to a halt.

    For the northeastern part of Japan's small and medium parts suppliers, the restoration of the normal output is a very urgent problem, because they have to maintain customer satisfaction, or face losing business overseas and domestic large negative prospects. For the Taiwan Area and the Southeast Asia part of the component suppliers, their orders have begun to increase, due to customers seeking alternative sources of supply.

    Japanese auto parts suppliers Horio Manufacturing (HorioSeisakusho) as affected by one of the small parts manufacturers, the company is located in the impact of disasters seriously Ishinomaki (Ishinomaki), a total of more than 50 workers, producing 600 different electronics and automotive parts, including automotive navigation systems based antennas and spare parts. Located in the mountains because the company avoided the tsunami hit, but earthquakes and power shortages led to the production machine idle for a whole two weeks.

    While trying to resume production, making the president Horio Horio Masahiko (MasahikoHorio) face another serious problem - and test its components to complete the other a small business by March 11 the severe impact of the tsunami. Lack of quality control in the case of the final step, the company can not supply to customers.

    Iwaki Die Casting Co., Ltd. (IwakiDiecastCo.) located at a distance Horio produced about forty kilometers of the town Yamamoto (Yamamoto), the larger production of automotive engine parts to Toyota, Honda and other car manufacturers and transmission torque converters, oil filter Qing control and engine control equipment parts. Hirohito, general manager of the company Yokoyama (HirohitoYokoyama) said to them, the worst case is the result of customers cut their own production line interruption.

    To its plant and equipment seismic structural damage caused by the tsunami swept away thousands of spare parts, so that employees have in the surrounding rice fields and salvage parts. Power outage also caused trouble to the company, even if some of the diesel generator restored electricity, factories are still some areas in the dark. The amount of consumption of diesel consumption in Japan up to 36 million yen (4,300 dollars), based on the company's disaster-related costs is expected to 300 million yen (360 million).

    Japanese parts industry crises had an impact on a global scale, affecting Malaysia, the UK and the United States and many other areas. Industry analysts have said the U.S. broker, auto plant closures will result in the next few months, the shortage of some models, particularly small and medium sized cars.

    Toyota said this week that, as a result of parts shortages, the European region will be discontinued eight days. Toyota said last week that April will suspend auto production in North America. In Japan, in addition to three other factories, Toyota has suspended production of other plants, and the three plant capacity has also been limited. Shiori Hashimoto, a spokesman for Toyota Motor (ShioriHashimoto) said that Toyota is trying to get about 150 auto parts.

    Honda Motor, Nissan Motor (NissanMotorCo.), Ford Motor (FordMotorCo.) and General Motors have both been similar problems.
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