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Billion investment in new energy vehicles sales in the scale of the world locked

By government incentives and business models test the water such as the impact of new energy vehicles will enter the acceleration phase of industrial development.

    March 26, Chinese Vice Minister of the Soviet-Polish Ministry of Industry said, the Ministry of the lead in developing energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan, has been with the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly submitted to the State Council, multisectoral, and will soon be approved announced.

    April 6, Shanghai, the first private electric car smoothly put up Shanghai license, 8-bit 10 million private car owners have to enjoy government subsidies, of which 6 million from the state subsidies for new energy policy, 4 million from the Shanghai Government car subsidies. Meanwhile, Anting Town, Jiading District, the International Automobile City will be built by the end of April more than 100 piles supporting the charge and put into use, which means that the Shanghai brewing for six months into the business model of pure electric vehicle testing. According to sources, Shanghai, or private purchase in the recent introduction of the relevant policies of pure electric vehicles.

    In addition to Shanghai, the future, Changchun, Hangzhou and Hefei will also expand the private purchase of new energy vehicles in the pilot work, the development of new energy into the acceleration phase of the automobile industry.

    Upgraded to the new national strategic plan

    Recently there have been news that China will abandon the automobile industry, "second Five-Year" plan to develop and replace it with the lead Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission to participate in the "energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"). April 6, the Ministry of Industry and the NDRC responsible person in the interview are clearly the above statement.

    Revitalization plan with the previous short-term car different, "planning" has been elevated to the national strategic level, to layout the new Bureau of the automobile industry. Seven identified as a national strategic emerging industries, new energy vehicles in the next 10 year plan investment will reach 1,000 billion yuan, sales scale lock in the world.

    In fact, the "planning" the goal is to build China's great power from the car into car power. Automotive industry, "second Five Year Plan" The key is to improve the market share of own-brand innovation, to master the core technology of new energy vehicles, encouraging the formation of large-scale mergers and corporate restructuring Automotive Group.

    Recently published second Five-Year Plan for the development of new energy vehicles have a clear description of the path: "focus on the development of new energy automotive industry plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicle technology."

    According to industry disclosure of "planning" content, "2020, industrialization of new energy vehicles, energy conservation and new energy vehicles and key parts of technology has reached the international advanced level, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicle market reached tenure 5 million. "

    10-year goal of the new energy automotive industry is divided into two-step scale, by 2015, electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicle market holdings to 50 million or more; in severe hybrid car ownership reached 1000000. Meanwhile, one million in 2015 to achieve the production capacity of new energy vehicles, including electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles to account for 50%.

    "Planning" for the first time clear, from 2011 to 2020 10 years, the central government will invest 100 billion yuan to support the new energy automotive industry. Of which, 500 billion for energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development special fund to support R & D and industrialization of key technologies, and promote joint development of mechanisms such as public platform; 30 billion yuan to support the demonstration and popularization of new energy vehicles; 200 billion for promotion of hybrid vehicles as the key energy-saving vehicles. Another 100 billion for supporting the development of core automotive parts industry; 50 billion for the pilot urban infrastructure projects.

    To achieve this goal, the Government will in the development, production, infrastructure, taxes and other links to support, while "planning" is also on the safeguard measures from the financial, taxation, incentives and disincentives, management systems and other aspects of the refinement 9. For example, exempt electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicle purchase tax, hybrid cars halved general purchase tax and consumption tax. Click "plan" design, included in the "support of national key high-tech fields," the car companies and key parts enterprises, high-tech enterprises will enjoy the state income tax incentives.
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