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Some domestic auto parts enterprises are facing shutdown

"Inventory started in an emergency, in May Japan without the restoration of supply cut-off will be difficult to avoid." An automotive parts manufacturer said.

    Recently, several auto parts manufacturers to the reporter that, because of some key components have to rely on Japanese imports if Japan can not resume production, may lead to a large number of auto parts maker cut, so May will be Auto Parts Manufacturing crucial period.

    It is understood that although some of the core components you can find an alternative supplier to the U.S. and Europe, but there are still some parts to be dependent on Japan. Shanghai Koito Lamp Co., Ltd. Director Chang Qin Shuai Wu told reporters: "At present, the electronic control components, electronic control module and the three key parts automatic transmission, the world is almost monopolized by the Japanese, whether Japanese or European and American cars are cars a large extent dependent on Japan. "

    Deputy General Manager of Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xiangyang Qian told reporters in finding alternative firms, component manufacturers are also facing many difficulties, on the one hand, some vehicle manufacturers to use the specified parts and components produced in Japan, especially Japanese vehicles, Japan has yet to agree to use alternative components; the other hand, it takes time to find replacement parts to testing, certification, approval, this process should be more than six months, a short supply can not solve the problem.

    Shuai Wu said, because there is no other way to short-term, car-related upstream and downstream manufacturers can only wait for Japan to take measures to cut re-production. According to IHS statistics recently released the results of the current global automotive industry production has declined 13%, automobile production decrease of at least 320,000. Car manufacturers and parts suppliers around the world, is redoubling its efforts to find the source of critical components, especially the shortage of electronics and drive components.

    Therefore, the Japanese-related companies can resume production and supply in May is very critical, there are a number of Japanese auto parts manufacturer announced in May will resume production.

    According to Reuters, Toyota said on April 15, its Japanese plant in early May will come after the holidays start, output was only half of the situation in the original plan to continue until at least June 3.

    Japan's quake-hit a lot of focus on auto parts manufacturers, many companies did not announce the news to resume production. LUO Jun, CEO of the Asian Association of Manufacturers believes that there is no one or two years of intense construction, in order to bring them back in Japan to return to the core components of industry level before the earthquake, may not be an easy task.
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