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Reduce reliance on foreign technology breakthrough storm core parts

No first-class auto parts technology, we can not create first-class vehicle. In the automotive industry chain, occupies one-third share of auto parts, especially high-end components of the profit even more than the vehicle. Although the Chinese car market sales last year exceeded 18 million, ranking first in the world, but the parts industry is seriously lagging behind, has been at a low stage of development.

    China's great power from the car into a vehicle power, needed to achieve a breakthrough in the core parts industry.

    Lost opportunities for lack of core technology

    The impact of the earthquake in Japan that some Japanese automotive supplier production plans, but these new orders are not necessarily auto parts manufacturers in China will bring opportunities, but may be good or some European and American China Taiwan suppliers.

    The industry believes that, although the Japanese joint venture, the localization rate of all models up to 80%, and even some models up to 90%, but some key components were imported. In a number of OEMs in the procurement system, the mainland is simply not purchasing parts manufacturers list.

    Japan earthquake highlights the car prices in Mainland China strongly dependent on Japan auto parts fact. According to public information in 2010, China imported 10.91 billion U.S. dollars the value of the Japanese parts and components, accounting for 39.9% of total imports of auto parts. Classification point of view from the parts, transmission, brake systems, engine parts, steering parts, corresponding to categories in China in 2010 the proportion of components in the proportion of the amount of imports is relatively high.

    In 2010, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 18 million, as the world's production and marketing power. However, the car industry the most profitable automotive electronic products, the majority control of its core technology in the hands of foreign manufacturers. High-end cars in foreign countries, the automotive vehicle electronic products accounted for a proportion of the value of more than 40% in own brand products, automotive components in the value of the vehicle at between 10% to 20%, or a great growth.

    "Now is the market, but we can not catch. Manufacturing of automotive electronic components need to core technology, the present mainland of auto parts supplier that is also very little need to practice hard work right." Continental, a car OEM automotive electronics engineer told reporters .

    Many from the United States and other U.S. auto makers GM engineers returned to sigh, although China has become automotive power, but not the car power, only by improving the production capacity of core automotive spare parts, good innovation, be possible to become a vehicle power. A certain stage, the imitation is the premise of advanced technologies learn from others, but imitation, development opportunities may be lost.

    Secretary-General of the country's passenger car joint Rao argues that, after the parts shortage, the mainland firms can learn from it. Japan earthquake tells us that in the context of globalization, we should try to ensure the integrity of the industry chain. Our highly dependent of foreign auto parts system to accelerate the key auto parts and electronic components of the depth of localization, in order to prevent or reduce the types of risks.

    Domestic companies are now studying automotive technology has the advantage of the core parts of the world's largest auto market, all car makers regarded the introduction of the most advanced technology, which trained a large number of professionals, but also available to the local OEMs, parts plant the opportunity to learn from. However, enterprises still have to make an effort, the domestic auto parts in the mechanical aspects of technology can keep up with the power of the number of foreign automobile technology, but the core technology in the automotive electronics, there is still a big gap, this is not a year or two will be able to catch up , but must now begin.

    Parallel acquisition and R & D

    Currently, there are tens of thousands of auto parts business, but to achieve economies of scale requires very little, less than 1% of large enterprises, medium and large enterprises less than 15% of parts enterprises in general, "weak, small, scattered" situation has not been fundamentally improved. Local, sectoral, enterprise self-contained, quick success can not be a prudent investment from a strategic point of view, it is the identical serious. Thus, it is difficult to enter the lucrative high-end market. Because scattered strength, so the overall advantage is difficult to be reflected, most enterprises did not enter the vehicle supporting the market, but only a single social service parts suppliers.

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