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Japanese ship export orders for the first quarter increased by 70%

Japan Ship Exporters Association, published in the April 12 report showed that year 1 to export to Japan in March orders for 65 ships, a total of 3.05 million gross tonnage and total tonnage of 1.29 million amendment, than the same period last year increased by 71 %, but from October to December last year, new orders fell 25% on the gross tonnage.

    As the new shipbuilding market is a buyers market, Japanese shipyards have witnessed during this period of the contract dollar-based orders rose by 46%. Prior to the U.S. dollar and Japanese yen based on new orders based on the contract were 2 and 8. But in January, the dollar-based contracts up 43% in March compared to 56%.

    Meanwhile, the February export Japanese shipyards ship orders for the new 520,000 gross tons, dropped to one-third of January. However, there rose in March, up from February's 2 times the total tonnage of 1.02 million, an increase of 11%. Japanese shipyards this year, the current average monthly gain in new orders of 100 million GT.

    In the March 25 order ships, including 20 bulk carriers, three boats and two coal-based oil tanker Abraham.

    Delivery time from the point of view, 20% of new orders will be delivered in 2011, 2012, 38%, 4% in 2013 and 2014 was 39%. The March of the shipbuilding capacity of 1.79 million gross tonnage, a total of 41 ships. Meanwhile, as of the end of March, the Japanese shipyards holding export orders for 952 ships of 44,390,000 gross tons and 19.23 million gross tonnage amendments, down by 2%.

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