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Japan's shortage of key parts such as face shutdown crisis Cruze

The earthquake caused many parts of Japan stop supporting the business, has not only affected the Japanese car firms. It is reported that, due to shortage of key components, China's largest car manufacturer - Shanghai GM's main gearbox has been drastically cut its support of the British Long, Cruze, the new Regal such as number of best-selling models, is facing forward or to stop the crisis. However, Shanghai GM rejects the cut.

    In 2008, Shanghai GM Dong Yue base mass production GF6 transmission, which is the North American GM, Shanghai GM, Daewoo jointly developed series of new six-speed automatic transmission to replace the existing four-speed automatic transmission, Shanghai GM is widely used in various high-class cars, including the Chevrolet Cruze, Epica, Hideo Buick, the new Regal, the new LaCrosse, GL8, such as number of new main models. GF6 transmission control module on the communication components (TCU) from a supporting business in Japan, the company destroyed by the earthquake, has not yet returned to normal production.

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