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Exposure of new energy development plan pure electric vehicles as the main technical line

Long-awaited "new energy automotive industry development plan" content has been disclosed in advance. The Ministry of Industry and led by the draft plan, is the first of a new energy automotive industry for the industry development plan, China will lead the next decade the development of new energy automotive industry.

    According to the plan content, 2020, the scale of China's new energy auto sales to be up to the world's first, new energy to the pure electric vehicle technology as the main route. The next decade, the government financial investment one hundred billion yuan to build the industrial chain of new energy vehicles. The plan will adhere to the pure electric as the transformation of China's automobile industry the main strategic orientation. Focus on the development of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, while focusing on traditional automotive technology level, to develop energy efficient cars, and keep track of fuel cell vehicle technology, local conditions, appropriate development of alternative fuel vehicles. The next decade, the Government granted tax policy to promote energy conservation and new energy vehicles at great discounts. For example, exempt electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle vehicle purchase tax, hybrid cars halved ordinary vehicle purchase tax and consumption tax.

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