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China's auto parts industry a blessing in disguise

IHS world's leading economic consultancy, said that since the earthquake in Japan since the short term, or will the global automotive industry production decreased by 30%. Lack of the international supply of spare parts, auto parts industry in China or will result blessing in disguise.

    According to IHS statistics, the global automotive industry, production has dropped 13%, automobile production decrease of at least 320,000. Car manufacturers and parts suppliers around the world, is redoubling its efforts to find the source of critical components, especially the shortage of electronics and drive components. If at 6 weeks, affected by the earthquake can not be restored auto parts factory production, the global automotive production will reduce the 100,000 per day, down to 30%.

    U.S. parts imports were mainly from North America and Japan and the ROK, accounting for nearly 80% share of U.S. imports of auto parts. Of which China is the largest source of imports brakes, in addition to China's exports to the U.S. more of the parts are the wheels and body parts.

    The United States after the earthquake in Japan severely weakened parts supply capacity, in addition to the global supply chain from Japan are also likely to face the pressure of tight supply. Auto analysts believe that Japanese companies in order to restore domestic production capacity, the pace of overseas expansion is likely to slow; In addition, the global automotive supply system is expected to increase demand for decentralization, which is China's auto parts industry to add new transfer opportunities for industry .

    Size of the U.S. auto sales will continue to fill gaps in their process of bringing parts of the increased import demand. Fill gaps in the production scale up, while driving increased demand for parts in the past 10 years, U.S. imports of auto parts and components industry increased as a trend. Further control the cost of post-crisis era of the requirements also forced GM, Ford and other U.S. automakers in emerging markets seeking to increase the pace of parts procurement.

    For the future development of China's auto parts industry trends, expressed optimism about the domestic stakeholders. Now the world will increasingly focus on the production of components, parts and components industry, with the adjustment of China's auto parts industry concentration is also increased. The piston ring industry, for example, are now largely controlled 80% of the parts production enterprises in the first 6 hands, some of the former three parts industry output accounted for 80%. Of course, this is mainly OEMs, not including maintenance market, the domestic maintenance market is uncontrollable, too much fake and shoddy products. Future, the concentration may increase and become the top 3.

    The industry believes that, with the vehicle's development, especially in competition with foreign brands, the development of Chinese auto parts will be very fast. China's auto parts industry compared with foreign enterprises, the cost advantages are obvious, developed labor costs at least 5 times higher than the domestic, Japanese or even 10 times higher. In the same quality level, the price of Chinese products is only around 70% in developed countries, market competition advantages. Based on this, the future of parts at least in the world market share of more than half.

    The industry also believes that "second Five-Year" period, China's auto parts industry also faces challenges from two aspects: on the one hand, is more car manufacturers to establish R & D centers in China, many foreign companies in the past after the development showed drawings of the manufacturers in China to manufacture, if the R & D center established in China, the domestic parts manufacturers ability to keep up? On the other hand, although we have labor advantage, but there are cheaper than local labor, Chinese companies will inevitably be part of low value-added components in the areas of an enterprise with foreign competition in developing countries.

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