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Delphi repurchase of shares from General Motors

March 31, Delphi Automotive Partnership (DelphiAutomotiveLLP) in North America announced that its 3.8 billion respectively 594 million and the repurchase price of General Motors Corporation (GM) holds shares of its Class A and the U.S. federal pension Security Company (PBGC) held its C class shares. Part of the funds required two transactions from the company balance sheet, cash, another 2.5 billion came from JP Morgan Securities Co., Ltd. provided $ 3,000,000,000 credit.

    Trading off the GM and the PBGC entirely in Delphi in October 2009 acquisition by private equity group bought the shares. The deal is, the company will be more efficient capital structure, debt level is very strong.

    Delphi CEO and President Rodney O'Neal (RodneyO'Neal) said: "Delphi will continue to enhance shareholder value, these transactions is an important part, we will maintain a high degree of financial flexibility, and continue to seek opportunities to create value. "

    Delphi significant business growth in 2010, the annual revenue of 13.8 billion, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization earnings (EBITDA) reached 1.4 billion. The company will continue to work to the steady development of the business, with emphasis on profitability and cash value.

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