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How to maintain a large car maintenance car beauty Cheats

The so-called vehicle maintenance is to maintain and restore performance of automotive technology to ensure the car has good usability and reliability. It contains a lot of knowledge, timely and correct maintenance will extend the life of the car, security, performance improvement, save money and remove many of repair of the trouble. However, nowadays the "repair on behalf of Paul," the concept still exists in the driver ranks, due to lack of security or maintenance of traffic accidents caused by improper happened quite frequently. Therefore, the timely and correct maintenance of vehicles is to extend vehicle life, to ensure an important part of driving safety.

    We usually say the car maintenance, primarily from vehicle in good technical condition to maintain and prolong the life of aspects of automotive work. In fact, it is more extensive, including automotive beauty care knowledge, summed it up, mainly in the following three aspects:

    First, body maintenance

    Used to refer to car maintenance and body beauty. The main purpose is to remove cars and trucks body a variety of in vitro oxidation and corrosion, and to protect, as highlighted car "U.S.." It includes: paint maintenance, carpet cushion and maintenance, bumpers, skirts and maintenance, instrument maintenance, maintenance of electroplating processing, leather, plastic and maintenance, tires, wheels warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine maintenance appearance.

    Second, car maintenance

    Body maintenance is to make the car forever young, car maintenance, the aim is to get the car driving hundreds of thousands of km without major repairs, ensure the vehicle in the best technical condition. It includes: oil system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor (injector) of the maintenance.

    Third, the body renovation

    Such as deep scratches in the diagnosis, treatment, multi-material bumper repair, wheel hub (cover) Mishap repair, leather, chemical fiber materials, renovation, refurbishment and so the color of the engine. Regular maintenance and vehicle maintenance is divided into two major categories of non-regular maintenance, regular maintenance are: routine maintenance, a maintenance, two maintenance; non-regular maintenance are: run-in period and seasonal care and maintenance. Nothing more than the main work, vehicle maintenance and cleaning, inspection, tight set, adjustment and lubrication and so on. But with the development of science and technology and automobile industry, computer-based advanced technologies widely used in the car, so that gradually the future of automotive intelligence, and therefore the content of vehicle maintenance has been given a new meaning.

    Vehicle maintenance is a relatively high technical complexity of the work I am difficult to complete the driver alone, companies need to carry out repairs to the steam. In China there are now a part of vehicle repair and maintenance companies clinging to the traditional concept of letting go, outdated maintenance equipment and tools, maintenance, or the same old methods and means, with the not suited to the needs of modern development. In addition, the quality of service of individual maintenance enterprises worrying for profiteering "black box", the old filling and maintenance of new, good to bad charge, maintenance fees, fees for pieces of wild speculations. Therefore, maintenance of vehicles to remind drivers to be sure to choose strong technical force, quality of service and reliable, reputable repair business, and not too troublesome, but not vehicle maintenance plans to save money, so runs the risk.

    How to maintain the car

    In the hot summer months, due to high temperatures, heavy rain, dust, big and strong radiant heat and other reasons, especially in the automobile engine technology conditions change. In order to meet the needs of the normal operation of vehicle, before the arrival in the summer, should be combined with two maintenance vehicles for the whole season of some of the necessary checks and adjustments:

    1, to strengthen the use and maintenance of cooling system:

    A, pay attention to check the cooling system of the sealed case, the tightness of the fan belt, thermostat and cooling water temperature sensitivity of the situation and pay attention adequate cooling water.

    B, clear the cooling system including radiator, water comprising the adhesion of scale. Poor thermal conductivity because of the scale, would adversely affect the cooling. 2, the engine for lubricating oil with high viscosity grade and appropriate to shorten the oil change; transmission and differential should be replaced by the summer of thick gear oil; wheel bearings for grease with a high drop point, according to the provisions of cycles inspection and maintenance; brake fluid may have air resistance at high temperatures, should be a high boiling point brake fluid. (Not less than 115 to 120 degrees Celsius).

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