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Automotive beauty conservation: conservation organizations clean velvet seats

Fabric fabric seats, disposal is relatively simple. Woven velvet seats are not dirty when the available long-haired brush and strong suction vacuum cleaner with one side brush seating surfaces, while the suction with a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt. For particularly dirty seats, cleaning will be carried out the following steps: First, use a hair brush cleaning dirty local, and then use a clean cloth dampened with a small amount of neutral detergent solution, in the case of dry and wet wipe the seat round surface, and finally clean the seat again with a vacuum cleaner and remove excess water.

    With a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dust, debris. If dust or condensation in the velvet is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner, first look with a soft brush and then vacuumed.

    With a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the fiber, and then thoroughly dry the seat fibers, if cloth is still dirty, with a mild soap and warm water to clean and thoroughly dry.

    If the dirt does not come out clean, try the market to sell the fiber cleaning agent. In the more obvious first place to use this cleaner to make sure it does not have a negative effect on the cloth. According to the instructions to use this cleaning agent.

    Usually best not to eat in the car, not when we must pay attention not to eat, do not let food fall to the seat on the fine slag to prevent the breeding of mites or other organisms which produce odor.

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