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Lights bleak? Methods to improve light levels

Light vehicles designed automotive OEMs. But if you feel you can not light a few simple ways to improve.

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    First, the light itself the problem. Such as shade too dirty inside; use inferior lens, external sanding fade, will affect the light. Shade can be removed to do cleaning, or simply be replaced;

    Second, the power of small light bulbs and lighting design of the transformation of the circuit is relatively complex.

    Many car headlights are still using power 45/55W incandescent lamp, the power is relatively small; number of car headlights directly from the vehicle wiring harness separation of the total circuit

    Transmission, the headlights are the voltage is lower than the overall circuit voltage of 1-2 volts. By ordinary incandescent tungsten light in a vacuum within the environment, obtained by light illumination, but the metal tungsten in a vacuum environment, power, resulting in tungsten light also produces steam, resulting in decreased brightness of the lights The more you use the more dark.

    If you want to improve the brightness of the headlights, can not directly replace high-power light bulbs, so the circuit may cause overheating or burning. The lamp should be replaced while power to change the circuit. Now popular on the market there is a way can be modified to do gymnastics is better - the original car headlight plug an external interface circuit installed by the vehicle headlights to send directly to the battery power, can ensure adequate voltage; original trucks lamp circuit as the switch circuit after the change, this means the vehicle can be replaced 90/100W halogen headlights, brightness greatly improved night driving safety has greatly improved.

    Often in the dusk and dawn to drive a vehicle in front of the vehicle driver can consider installing two small, bright lights, and beautiful and safe.

    Headlights on the vehicles, there are still a better conversion method, but expensive. That is, xenon headlights. The brightness of light can reach the effect of sunlight. Use of such lights, the driver driving at night significantly reduced visual fatigue, safety is also improved. BMW and Audi and other high-end luxury cars have begun to configure the use of HID lighting systems.

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