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Volvo auto parts enterprises in Zhejiang Province attracted the Nordic "Denver"
April 7, according to Zhejiang Online website, "Evening News" reported that, recently, the Scandinavian Automotive Components Group (FKG), general manager Sven-white cover such Austrian Nordic 20 auto parts enterprises in time for the Chinese Ching Ming holidays Ningbo, Zhejiang and other places before coming to seek cooperation opportunities, actively sought visited Geely's production base in Ningbo, Zhenhai the Nordic Industrial Park, Fenghua, Ninghai and production base for auto parts enterprises. Yesterday, in charge of the reception arrangements Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Trade Foreign Investment Agency staff interview, said: "Let's impressive is that the guests would have the Nordic itinerary do not arrange Qianwang Geely production base in Ningbo, but these business representatives specifically requested that we help me. "In the past 9 months, Geely Group vehicle project in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay base smoothly; In addition, Volvo will be in Chengdu, the establishment of production bases in Daqing, automobile parts needed to put into operation procurement and production will bring significant opportunities to the auto parts industry, which is the Volvo auto parts enterprises such as the Nordic world's leading brand of automotive partners, naturally refused to let opportunities. The Nordic auto parts factories from China are thinking, this is looking for co-manufacturers in China, and hope to continue to make parts for the Volvo and Geely. The representatives of Nordic companies are very concerned about auto parts Ningbo Auto Parts Industrial Park located in several preferential policies, repeatedly expressed the hope to find in Ningbo production partner, purchasing parts and products or services intended to Chinese suppliers. The local government also believes that the Nordic Zhejiang auto parts business representatives have taken the initiative to look for business opportunities, but also brought to the local opportunities for foreign investment, the introduction of more than just capital, but more importantly is the introduction of advanced talents, advanced equipment, advanced technology and management experience.

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