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Denso energy efficient innovations will be shown in Shanghai Auto Show

The world's top auto parts suppliers Denso will be April 21 debut of the 14th Shanghai International Auto Show, and took the platform to exhibit full range of environmental, safety, comfort, convenience and innovative technology and product areas.

    As Japan's number one automotive suppliers, Denso has been actively engaged in the development and production to promote the development of advanced automotive technology and products. In this exhibition, Denso continuation of the "advanced technology contribute to environmental protection" theme, will feature a hybrid power systems and products for gasoline direct injection system, and demonstrate for the first time in China 3 start and stop system models the latest starter. Among them, the starter for the start-stop system products can help improve fuel efficiency and driving comfort. Technology, will focus on high performance vehicles show the electrical installation and operation management support system for road vehicles and the application of the concept of cooperative system, the system helps the driver achieve a more economic and security driving.

    In addition, in the security field, Denso will display sensor system that uses multiple sensors to detect pedestrians and vehicles around the state action to improve security; in the comfort area, will be on display can be greatly reduced power consumption of the jet compressor automotive air conditioning system; in facilitating the field, will display the remote touch controller, the driver can freely operate the device at hand navigation, audio and air conditioning. Also, have sold in the Chinese market for super-pin platinum spark plugs and high-explosive high concentration of car Plasmacluster air purifiers and other products will also be on display.

    Denso to people around the world dedicated to the largest "love" and "joy" as the image of the pursuit of business goals, quality first for product manufacturing, production concept. Since its establishment, the automotive industry as the center, through a wide range of business activities, creating a "caring" and "joy", a positive commitment to good corporate citizen. At the same time, committed to the development of leading-edge technology to provide customers with advanced high-quality products and satisfactory service.

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