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Ford Philippines plant shutdown eight days because of the shortage of spare parts

Ford Motor Company today announced that the company's factory in the Philippines has been discontinued, discontinued due to need to import parts from Japan, there was a shortage, the shutdown will last for 18 days.

    Ford Philippines, the company said on April 13, the company's factory has been in the Philippines on Monday (April 11) during the production, up to 18 days of shutdown will be included next week's Easter (Easterholiday) holiday.

    Ford Motor Company has said before, due to the earthquake in Japan had an impact on parts suppliers, the company's production activities in the Asia Pacific region in April slowed or interrupted, but the company's profits and will not be affected significantly .

    Currently, Ford has a number of factories worldwide parts shortage caused by the delay in production in Japan, the Ford Genk plant in Belgium from April 4 from discontinued five days, in Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville) pickup plant also into production.

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