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The Chinese government strongly supported the development of new energy vehicles

"Tribune" on April 11 reported that the Chinese Government strongly supports its new energy vehicle development, the next 10 years will invest 100 billion yuan (about 10.5 billion euros) to promote clean energy vehicles, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicle research and development and application of .

    Reported that, according to "China Daily" news, China's new energy plan in the automotive industry has developed after years of deliberation, and submitted to the State Council. According to the plan, to 2020, China will be 5 million new energy vehicle sales to become the world's largest auto market new energy.

    Reported that the development of the auto market and the technological progress of China automobile industry, China hopes that the new energy vehicles in the field and the international automobile industry at the same level. In 2010, the Chinese government invested 10 million yuan for the 13 model city electric vehicle infrastructure construction and the purchase of tax subsidies. In the same year, Shanghai Auto Expo has a green theme and development concept.

    Reported that in 2010 China was the world's largest car market, car market in clean energy and occupy an important position. But the industry believes that the lack of related infrastructure, technology and public acceptance of immaturity is the development of new energy vehicles in China to overcome obstacles.

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