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Parts shortages Japan's global vehicle spread to Europe

9 grade earthquake occurred in Japan have more than one month, the crisis has spread to parts supply global automotive production.

    Affected by automobile production in Europe and America

    Yesterday (April 14), PSA Peugeot Citroen stakeholders on the "Daily Economic News" reporters, "Japan supply parts and components manufactured in Europe has affected the PSA Peugeot Citroen, primarily supporting the electronic system with the diesel engine."

    Global market research firm IHS Auto-motiveI nsight said in a report, due to the different auto manufacturers to maintain inventory levels, to the middle of April, parts shortages will be more prominent, in the worst cases, the global vehicle production plummeted 30% may .

    Japanese car prices are within the capacity of the global adjustment. Nissan Motor Company has confirmed that, due to "interrupt the normal supply of automotive parts", the company's Sunderland plant will be April 26, 2011 suspension period to 28 days.

    Toyota said the company's plants in North America (except for a factory only) will be April 15, 18, 21, 22 and 25 stop, and in the Georgetown plant will be in another 4 days in production. Toyota's U.S. sales director Bob Carter said: "Toyota's car production will seriously slow down, we can not determine the May to July of the production status, so the supply of new cars this summer will face great difficulties. "Toyota also said its five factories in Europe in April 2011 to May 8 days during the shutdown.

    Earlier, Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it will in the April 18 to 27 plants between the resumption of full operations in Japan, but only to maintain the productivity level of around 50%.

    The Chinese market, Nissan PR China Shen Li, director of the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that "there is no supply of spare parts of Japan produced in China have a major impact on the current Nissan parts in China, management and publish-caliber Dongfeng Nissan unity. "

    Toyota (China) Yu Niu spokesman told the media, and now Toyota (China) every day in recognition of parts supply in Japan, a joint venture in China up to now the production has not been a big impact.

    Honda Chinese official said, "aftershocks caused no new damage to the Honda, Honda re all in the normal production, according to parts suppliers, Honda adjust the production plan in China."

    FAW Mazda said in Hongjiang, "Tan amethyst color Mazda car Core wing will stop production in May, date to be determined." Car paint pearl powder used were produced in Japan earthquake zone within 30 km of nuclear power plants, so can not continue to supply the country.

    Japanese car sales in March hit a 6-year low

    According to data compiled Gasgoo, in March 2011 the total sales of Japanese cars (including the mini-car sales, the same below) was 43.7599 million, down 35.1%. This is at least the past six years in Japan since the minimum occurs in March and the lowest sales volume growth.

    To take / commercial terms, in March the Japanese passenger cars, trucks and passenger vehicles sales were 36.3574, 7.1988 million, 2037, a decline in March than last year, including the sharpest decline in passenger cars, up 37.4 %; trucks and buses down the extent of 21.3% and 24.4%. Car sales in these three years the overall automobile market trend is consistent with the Japanese.


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