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Second five key technology in China will strengthen the introduction of the work vehicle

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce together with the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the People's Bank of China General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, State Administration of Quality Supervision, State Administration of Foreign Exchange and other seven departments jointly issued the "on" Twelfth Five "During the import of electromechanical products to implement a proactive strategy to promote a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "views"). Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao expressed "opinions" would be China's "five-second" period for imports of machinery and electronic products programmatic document, will help expand the advanced technology and equipment imports, import policies and industrial policies to strengthen the interface and coordination to facilitate the import of mechanical and electrical products, structural adjustment, to play in the promotion of macro-economic structure of import balance and the important role of structural adjustment.

    Department of Commerce data show that accession to the World Trade Organization, with a substantial reduction of tariffs and phasing out non-tariff measures, import of electromechanical products increased substantially, the average annual import growth of 19.2%. In 2010, the country imports machinery and electronic products 660.3 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 47.3% of total imports, gross domestic product accounted for more than 10%. Imported products but there are still many problems, such as the introduction of high quality, re-introduction of light absorption and innovation, management mechanisms and supporting policies to be perfect.

    Yao pointed out that "five-second" period imports of electromechanical products in China to expand basic principles: adhere to the use of market mechanisms and policies to guide the combination; adhere to the introduction and the combination of absorption and innovation; continue to promote imports of industrial safety and maintenance combined. Goal is to gradually increase its development of advanced technology and key equipment, key parts of the import share; for imports of investment goods, consumer goods and intermediate goods, the ratio of structure tends to be reasonable; meet the new generation of information technology, energy saving, new energy, bio- , high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy and automobile industries and other key strategic emerging industries, the import demand; trade surplus with major countries and regions, the momentum of rapid growth in effective mitigation.

    From the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, "China's auto industry marketing newsletter" to understand that, by 2010, China imported a large number of the vehicle in addition to products, but also import more than 100 million engines and more than 400 million units and more than 10 million sets of transmission power controlled fuel injection devices, and critical key automotive parts and components assembly. Can be seen, the current critical stage of the core components of the powertrain and the introduction of key Chinese auto industry is vital link.

    "Opinions" as one of the main problems to be solved is precisely including key technology introduction, digestion and absorption and re-innovation. "Relying on major projects to promote the introduction of absorption and innovation. Relying on key projects, with emphasis on clean energy, high-end CNC machine tools, ships, railway locomotives, automobiles, aviation, telecommunications and other industries with the introduction of a breakthrough leading role in digestion, absorption and innovation. "" views "of" promoting the introduction of absorption and innovation, "the entry for up to 4.

    "Opinions" also refers to the introduction of the project to give financial, financial support, "efforts to increase financial support for imports. Financial institutions to guard against the risk of the premise, especially small and medium enterprises active in importing advanced technology and key equipment, provide credit support to key components. give full play to the role of import credit policy to encourage enterprises to introduce advanced technology and key equipment, key parts. "

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