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Automobile parts shortage in May

From the 311 earthquake in Japan has been the past month, the aftershocks of the Japanese automotive industry is still "shaky" not yet fully re-production, the impact on the global auto makers are gradually obvious. Japanese cars are expected from May to June the market is not optimistic, there may even spread to Europe and domestic cars.

    "Originally expected to sell for at least the end of May, and now all sold out, and the current vehicle import slows down, a lot of pressure ah" a 4S shop quality employees to. After the earthquake in Japan, most of the automotive industry and consumers generally believe that Japanese cars most likely affected by the earthquake, the amount of Japanese cars have predicted there will be a shortage, therefore, The emergence of the phenomenon of buying Japanese vehicles. March, sales of Japanese cars was increased by approximately 96.26% over the same period, the Japanese craze to speed up the shortage of vehicles.

    In fact, the current situation in the automobile market will be from the date of expected earthquake, vehicle production was significantly affected, or will result in the following Japanese models continue to slump in May, and even spread to Europe, America and domestic cars.

    First, the Chinese auto parts imported from Japan, including engines, automotive electronics, body, body accessories, drive, etc., most of which are core components. According to Xinhua, the Wall Street Journal and other multi-media frequently reported that Japanese auto parts in China the number of approximation of the inventory deficit, may only last month. Most of the factory with parts in Japan is still in shutdown state, the Department of Japanese car parts in China is very likely in the short break in May.

    Second, the Japanese auto parts industry in the global automotive industry an important position in the chain, European, Korean cars, and even the domestic brands, the key components used by the Japanese production, for example Jie Teke, Aisin Seiki production automatic gearbox. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers face many of the world parts shortages caused by the output pressure. There are already some domestic car brands are choosing to use local parts instead of trying to Japanese parts, but by the author of 50 users found that 46 were not able to accept the local component parts of the device instead of Nissan vehicles, they think the same The prices for different products as before, and my heart can not accept, 3 people that can look at the market reaction, and only 1 person made to believe that.

    Third, the Japanese car companies car production stopped. FAW Mazda relevant person in charge had announced the news, Mazda will be discontinued on April 15, the specific date of resumption of production is difficult to predict a time.

    Dealers said there are very worried about car-free can be sold in May, only a "price war" to regulate the current shortage, "a lot of cars are out of stock, but do not know when to have the car into." A Car sales staff said.

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