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Knowledge to teach you how to spray paint paint and painting to identify

Paint by reaction and process is divided into PE, PU, ​​UV, NC four categories.

    (1). PU is the most commonly used paint, furniture paint, and C are generally divided into acid paint the West. We do not paint a lot of people say that furniture is furniture that is painted. Because it is self-dry paint, this cheaper the cost of paint. And C West was first used as acid paint the appearance of car and motorcycle parts covered, but now is a good coat of furniture to do this practice, this is a paint. paint hardness can be achieved 2H, finish, and pay for power, a small settlement, acid seal ability, good resistance to yellow face. This practice paint + paint thinner + curing agent. Now that's authentic paint, car This refers to paint.

    (2) PE and PU compared to reflect not the same as paint + by the initiator, accelerator + thinner. This paint hardness greater, up to 3H or more, and better light texture, excellent anti-yellowing surface. Of course this the cost of paint is also high. generally refers to the Diamond, Diamond refers to this painting. these are imported authentic lacquer paint. Also, in PE class and one is inverted membrane paint, this paint cheaper cost, pay for the power difference.

    (3) UV paint: This paint is not paint, nor is it self-dry paint, but a light-cured paint. Instantly cured by ultraviolet radiation. UV paint is confined to the surface of that layer, which is PU furniture paint ( light not in the past), this paint paint cost and C West, similar acid, because it is used in furniture, paint, and because the paint is an instant cure, non-volatile, material saving. but this process to paint more. UV paint performance can be achieved in many PE effects, such as hardness to the 3H, the brightness is not good. But there are drawbacks UV paint: 1.UV around the paint can not paint, so we can not paint letters, can only come through the Edge closure. And do not moisture board paint the wrench, but the MDF. Edge easily deformed slightly bad hair up to .2. because there is PU paint, outside, UV, 2 kinds of paint do not pay for power good.

    (4) NC, this paint now, virtually no one, and therefore not many introduced. There sanding paint, matt, but the strongest anti-scratch.

    From the above classification, the general retail customers tell from the Showroom paint or paint the furniture, mainly judged from the following aspects:

    1. Hardness, this is a very important indicator, although we do not have the hardness measuring instrument, but if there is contrast in the case to a certain extent, determine, this is not a thing you get to go to plan, that are designated in the starting directly to the feeling.

    2. Flatness, carefully side-looking surface, above the pores and the formation, the paint is relatively much better, and the other, pay attention, look at this time, to see this thing to do for a long time, because the paints have a long The sinking of the degree, do a good year for either the absolute level than before, and you do not take a year and only do the comparison. Note that many customers think that this is the brightness evaluation, this is wrong, also do matte painting.

    3. Discoloration degree and the degree of acid components, Oh, this experiment was to compare, take a wrench in the sun, usually cast and then the sun, watching the degree color, furniture, paint color was relatively fast, but this method is useless for general customers .

    4. Feel and color. This thing can be felt not explain in words, and Shoumo feel after the paint was thick and smooth and delicate. Color than the run.

    5. Odor, this is also an important thing to judge by distance. Of course, this according to a new order from the judge, put a few months if not used. In general, furniture, paint the new paint do have a significant taste, especially into the nose smell, a little paint as we do at home or on-site to do, like Wood, but do not no new paint smell, but the taste is very light, even for some light class because the surface of light 2 times, even very light. This not to hear the old ha. Also, I heard the door that is the taste of paint, not the taste of smell inside the cabinet Kazakhstan.

    6. To see how much paint room, and some plants kept saying that they are paint, paint rooms do not have 2 or not, that certainly is not, a regular paint paint room requires a minimum of 6 months. Of course, some factories Since certain types of paint for the flatness and duration are also roasted, basically a lot of interior doors factory adopted this approach, which strictly can not belong to paint class.

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