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After the market chaos auto industry norms for self-discipline required

Auto insurance in 2011AMR spring show, the reporter interviewed a number of family property and dealers, it was unanimously optimistic about the prospects for the development of car care industry, but, for the automobile market is now operating status, and both are full of grievances. After the first summary of today's automotive market, how a chaotic Zile?

    "Copyright" Dispute

    Auto insurance industry needs more for the high-tech equipment, but the overall presentation of the current social atmosphere is the "instant success", a product R & D investment to its energy, human and material resources are large, very slow and effective. But the "copy" of a product but can greatly reduce the amount of labor and the part of the human, financial, power and other aspects of the investment. Manufacturers General Lee, full of grievances complained to reporters: "costly product has just been published less than a month to show a look, all according to what you look like generic products, new name, and the price also more affordable than you. "Why do not the rights mentioned, the General Lee is angry," rights, how-dimensional! China currently is no perfect market-related laws and regulations protect the intellectual property rights, say, copying your product all your friends, car care on such a big circle, but not bow to see the rise. and then step back, it really is not enough evidence to prove your product imitation ah! "

    After the market for such a situation, I believe, strengthen self-discipline is the key. China's domestic institutional shortcomings all walks of life are inevitable imperfection of the legal and moral aspects need to be supplemented and improved. The rapid development of industry, industry participants need to strengthen self-discipline is the key. Vicious competition in the world can only make the industry is not competitive on the stage.

    "Filed into the room"

    Recently, under the influence of the purchase of policies, car dealers began to change, "the sales of light after-sales service" concept, to the advantage of after-sales service as an effective means to break through, fought "after sale" services market. When the sale became commonplace in the time of its service quality, and also really worrying. Just because most of the field into the automobile market, the industry norm is not very clear, in the confusion of the occasion, problems, contradictions abound.

    Overall, the service system, market participants, for the latter, there are several core work is very important: first, to further strengthen the management of the distributors, dealers should present the case of relatively large-scale the work of the vendor's challenges to more effective management of dealers, so that they stand on a higher point of view of the work required. Second, how to further tap the effective owners of millions of calculations, so that the scale of their business, business efficiency and make greater contributions. Third, the start of the service brand, for a substantive exploration of marketing services. In short, boils down to is that the rapid and efficient development of the industry, industry participants can not do without self-discipline.

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