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T columns brands seek greater voice

Lift T (turbocharged) Power, consumers expect more of Volkswagen, General Motors and other auto giants.

    And in the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, a joint venture brands are struggling to break the power brand in the field of T monopoly, and seeking a greater voice.

    The latest news, had been in the field of emerging T Brilliance Auto, will be unveiled at the Shanghai auto show T the most powerful engine lineup. This includes 1.0T, 1.5T, 2.0T (GDI GDI) and 2.0T (diesel) turbo four (Turbo) engine. It is noteworthy that the upcoming debut of the Chinese use of the 2.0T engine is GDI (direct injection) technology to achieve stratified combustion, improve fuel economy. Brilliance side said comparable dynamic performance of the product Magotan TSI.

    In fact, its own brand in the domestic automobile market rely solely on the basic T-Army Brilliance, SAIC, Chery in for support. T model of a small independent brand, the board can count them with fingers: China Junjie 1.8T, China cool treasure 1.8T, China Zunchi 1.8T, Roewe 7501.8T, Roewe 5501.8T and Ruiqi G52.0T. Among them, the Chinese own-brand T 1.8T column called the leader, with independent intellectual property rights of China's first turbo-charged engines, turbocharged engines in China to fill the technology gap. The engine maximum power of up to 125KW/5500rpm, peak torque of 235Nm/2000-4500rpm, to achieve Euro IV emission standards. The same turbocharged engine as the star product, the power output of the public 1.8TSI 118kw/5000-6200rpm, peak torque of 250Nm/1500-4200rpm, comparable with the Chinese 1.8T.

    The Shanghai Auto Show, as a leading independent research and development on behalf of the Brilliance brand cars, suddenly in the T columns of the force, and will further enhance their own brand's position in this area, and to make a substantial expansion of domestic T column.

    More importantly, independent brand development effort suddenly T areas, would help fight for the future development trend of traditional car right to speak.

    Well known, small-displacement engines power the car is definitely the future trend, T motivation will be to achieve one of the key technologies for this purpose, it is the automotive industry to achieve environmental feasibility of low-carbon path. Information, turbo-charged engine with a power output as high, low emissions, fuel economy advantage of a strong, common than the same displacement engine power 30% -100% higher.

    Therefore, T motivation to develop their own brands, will compete for the future of traditional automotive industry, "low-emission, high power," the core competence discourse.

    It is noteworthy that, from the market point of view, T own brand power is a breakthrough brand ceiling, an important means to achieve one of the premium brands. The show, one of the important Brilliance of the show car will be the new Chinese cars. According to reports, the Chinese 1.5T engine equipped with a new mid-size car Brilliance China will also be available during the year. T power will no doubt further enhance the technical content of the Chinese brands to become a major selling point of the market.

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