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BYD Electronic security intelligence technology will be unveiled Shanghai Auto Show

The forthcoming opening of 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, the author learned from BYD Auto, BYD will release its self-developed electronic security intelligence. The security intelligence technology will include BYD "i" system, "anti-fatigue early warning system" and other two core intelligence technology. 2011 double-brand strategy, the BYD car through the integration of IT and the two industries, to create world-class security intelligence technology, to lead the automotive intelligent life experience.

    "I" system is attracted to BYD's a brand new vehicle to build the network platform, a comprehensive network of docking vehicles and allow owners to easily enjoy the safety, traffic, information services and entertainment, business travel and other services. Cool-friendly interface of the car up service, 24 hour online cordial and considerate service call center, stable and efficient and powerful data center service system, thousands of 4S stores nationwide network of rescue and powerful behind the BYD Auto and IT technology support, work together to build an unparalleled, efficient, stable, reliable, considerate, BYD i system.

    With the i system, a collision or emergency, you can get from the first call center assistance and professional rescue; have i system, the owner will receive regular medical examination of all aspects and get professional advice; With the i system, the thief theft is no longer wise, because i can monitor the positioning system stolen vehicles, and cut off the oil when necessary, so that vehicles can not move forward; have i system, a key call center connectivity, Your destination can be issued to go to the vehicle computer, and automatically navigate, no more redundant operations, while the panoramic view of the city's real-time traffic is also the owner and his friends can form teams to see teammates are here, i can also enjoy Internet phone exchange system; have i system, world affairs, national weather, stock quotes, train times, film dynamics, booking of hotel, air ticket booking, etc., so you sit in car Enjoy the information age in the gluttonous feast .... .

    People-oriented technology, BYD to his strong technical strength and advantages into a caring service owner, i let the car is no longer a simple system, the driving tool, but an information terminal, a user to enjoy the fine service platform.

    Anti-fatigue early warning system is yet another masterpiece BYD, car safety technology and upgrade. The "anti-fatigue early warning system" is based on the driver's physiological response to the image, using the driver's facial features, eye signals, head movements and so infer the driver's fatigue and to prompt the alarm and take corresponding measures of unit. At the same time have a strong anti-interference ability of the environment, traffic safety on the owners to give proactive security intelligence.

    System mainly consists of two cameras and ECU module. Mainly by the camera module lens, CMOS image sensors, near-infrared LED light, image signal acquisition circuit and power circuit. CMOS image sensor through the lens of the optical signal is converted to electrical signals, real-time shooting the driver's head and shoulder posture, and the signal transmission through the cable to the ECU for processing. Near-infrared LED light is lit when necessary, to fill light, making the system both in the daytime, at night can work properly. Also: ECU module of the video decoding circuit, operation unit, fatigue detection and alarm signal output unit, buzzer composition. Video decoding circuit receives the camera module issued by the video image signal decoding processing unit into operation, if the driver is found by a certain degree of fatigue in by the alarm unit drive the alarm buzzer.

    With the powerful technology in the IT field strength and resources, introduction of BYD Auto Shanghai Auto Show with a world-class security intelligence technology, is to implement the 2011 double-brand strategy in an important measure to build a world-class championship-quality models.

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