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Delisting is the main reason the policy auto market fell hard to break 10% growth this year

Since the March 11 earthquake, the Toyota factory in Japan was caught in all the 18 production. Toyota side said that, from next Monday to 27 days, all the Toyota factory in Japan to resume production, but production capacity of approximately 50% of normal.

    However, Toyota (China) Company sent a notification says, because the inventory of parts, some factories to suspend working overtime and rest days. "In the future, we will try to take measures to minimize the earthquake on China-made cars or imported cars the impact of the customer." Toyota said in this briefing, "Even so, as has been or is likely to negatively affect customers, we very sorry. "

    As for Honda, is expected to resume today, the Japanese factory production, but also maintain the 50% level only, is expected to be 2 to 3 months to fully recover pre-earthquake capacity.

    Impact to the local joint venture cut car prices

    Yesterday, an unnamed Japanese authorities told the joint venture car prices: "We rate cut this week is about 57%, almost all of the models involved, of which a high-class cars and a Youyi the impact of the new models the most, I think the former is usually only about four percent of production. "

    Like Toyota, this Japanese car firms have eliminated the practice of overtime Saturday at the same time, factory production lines from today from the original single shift operation to double shifts because of some vehicle components affected by the earthquake in Japan not on the supply, resulting in even if the customer orders can only stand and yield. As Qianchan part, is planning to be moved to Labor Day holiday overtime production, but it sure is not full.

    "More serious is the gap some electronic components." The person said, to a semiconductor chip located in Iwate Prefecture enterprises, for example, because it is an upstream supplier, the supply will cause the Company not ring true.

    It is reported that the Japanese could not ship the parts, the Chinese side has asked the United States or the European Union turned to alternative plants, and sea to air. According to report, produced 45% of the world Japan's Renesas microcontrollers and even affect the global vehicle production. Since last week, took place in the larger aftershocks northeast Japan, resulting in the company's four factories stop production because of power again.

    Analysis: the geometric effects on consumers and companies?

    First of all, the most direct impact is cut. Toyota pointed out earlier, in March 14 to 26 factories in Japan between the lack of electronic components, rubber and plastic parts, the company cut about 140,000 cars.

    Second, price volatility or lead to the terminal. Slow rhythm of the production, and the dealer taking advantage of the "hunger marketing", it was reported in Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, and other markets some of the more popular the original Japanese cars (including imports) on 3 to 5 days deferred vehicles, offers up to 10% shrink 5,000, or even simply "out of stock." But the industry is widely believed that if the situation continued to order more likely to Korean transfer system or German cars.

    Third, the geographical shift suppliers. Auto parts in China in 2010 amounted to 27.366 billion U.S. dollars of total imports, imports of auto parts from Japan, 10.9 billion U.S. dollars, the cumulative growth of 29% over the same period, involving a variety of core components. In order to maintain production and owners of vehicle repair parts supply, suppliers to the United States and Europe geographical shift, Southeast Asia and China is expected to become a trend.

    Finally, the direct impact of the disaster results. According to research from the Japan Advanced Institute of Japan, analysts calculated to Toyota, for example, its operating profit at the end of March may be the end of the fiscal year to reduce 100 billion yen. (Liu Jun)

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    The first quarter of the significant downturn in domestic car sales growth

    China Association of Automobile Manufacturers AP 10 to the latest statistics show that domestic car sales in the first quarter of this year reached 4,983,700, an increase of 8.08%, down sharply year on year increase.

By the Federation pointed out that the 1-March data has been laid low growth of the conclusions of the year, car sales growth in 2011 under the high base certainly less than 10%. State Council Development Research Center, said Yang Jianlong Deputy Minister of Industry, 2011, car sales growth is expected to exceed 10% less likely to mean that the automobile market this year, only 1.6 million -170 million in new sales

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