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Hangzhou Electric Rental released preliminary findings of spontaneous track

At 15:00 on April 11 about a public way Thailand electric taxis operating in the martial arts when the ignition, but fortunately no casualties.

    For safety reasons, the decision Hangzhou Motor Company new energy, April 12, the suspension of all 30 electric taxi operators, etc. to identify cause of the accident, and then study the recovery.

    What is the reason spontaneous combustion in the end? These days, the survey continued.

    Yesterday, the parties presented the preliminary findings, a total of 4 points -

    1. On the surface, the motor vehicle engine compartment and the basic integrity of the relevant line;

    2. Battery connector part related to the basic integrity, non-burning phenomenon;

    3. The surface, the ignition point may be near the battery compartment in the rear;

    4. These are only preliminary observations, the exact cause of the accident pending further investigation authority.

    Preliminary results show what

    I took the results of this preliminary investigation, sought the advice of an automobile sales and service company in Zhejiang, general manager, who is also an expert (who should be interviewed asked to conceal the specific units and names). He said the core of electric vehicle consists of two parts, one located in the battery pack inside the cabin; the other is located in the engine compartment of the motor control drive. Motor control drive in, including the motor and used to drive the car control electronic control. The electronic control of electric vehicles to the equivalent gasoline vehicle gearbox.

    The first observation that "the engine compartment of the motor and related lines of basic integrity", which means, electrical, electronic control and the line, not the cause of the malfunction. The second observation, that is the battery for power plug system. Commonly used for electric vehicle power system, a battery is dead, and back to another battery, so the battery connector is very important, if the resistance is too large, it is easy to cause a short circuit. From the test reports of view, this system no problem.

    The industry source said the incident electric vehicle ignition, the unit has to meet research, we think that there are three conditions that may lead to accidents. One problem the battery itself, and second, plug system problem and the third is the circuit electrical problem. It now appears that the latter two reduce the possibility of problems.

    If the fire is a phenomenon of electric taxis continue to operate individual

    Spontaneous Combustion Zheliang electric taxi, Hangzhou is the first demonstration of operation 30 of the new energy electric taxi.

    The morning of April 12, in addition to a burn, the remaining 29 returned to Hangzhou taxi company parking lot of new energy detection, the current situation is not abnormal.

    Yesterday morning, the New Energy taxi company officials said, they are still waiting for the final test results and data analysis report provided by the manufacturer. If the ignition is an individual phenomenon, other vehicles will be put into operation immediately; if a common phenomenon, will be asked to provide instructions related to the factory, operation recovery time will be extended.

    Thailand issued a statement yesterday, the public would like to look at and support the development of new energy vehicles

    Yesterday afternoon, one of the suppliers of electric taxis, public Motors Corporation to the newspaper sent a "spontaneous incident on the statement of electric taxis," which says -

    Zotye car is the field of new energy vehicles, one of the earliest start, all the Thai electric vehicles in the field of development of new energy vehicles to actively try and hit more than the first, reserve and product development in technology has been the leading position in certain ... ...

    Spontaneous electric vehicles after the incident, all the high-level Thai Group attached great importance to and actively respond to ... ... and partners with the relevant departments to fully conduct a survey of the accident vehicle inspection, a clear cause of the accident as soon as possible.

  Responsible attitude for the consumers, the company of the batch of new energy electric vehicles completed all safety technical inspection.

    New energy vehicles are a new phenomenon at this stage, is in the process of continuous improvement in practice. In this, the public Motors called on the government departments, industry partners, media, public attention and positive look at the development and support of the application of new energy vehicles.

    Zotye car will remain firm "pilot, the New Army Breakthrough" faith, to continue to promote the market of new energy vehicles in China, the industrialization process and make unremitting efforts.

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