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Original brake failure caused a car accident back car dealers

The safety brake can be said that the most important of the one vehicle line, Guo Cixi's really bought the car brakes fail, the result of a car accident.

    Guo mid-March the Consumer Protection Committee complained to the Cixi, said he October 29, 2010, to Xiao Lin, a car sales Services Ltd bought a Chery car.

    Opened less than a month, November 27, 2010, Guo took place with the vehicle traffic accident, so Guo surprise, the vehicle testing center, finds that the car brakes failed, but the brake failure is The main reason that caused the accident.

    But car dealers are completely non-acceptance, both parties in relation to the incident was not due to brake failure caused the direct cause of the accident and uncompromising, so that the mediation was stalled, many times after mediation by the Consumer Protection Committee, the Consumer recognition of their own also have certain responsibilities, the two sides finally reached a consensus: recycling the original price from the sale of the car side, and 4000 yuan compensation for consumers, consumers and from the seller to purchase another a car.

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