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Industry experts on the Road, Toyota China Revival

2009,2010 explosive growth years in a row to make the world auto industry focus on China. In the "second Five-Year" period, under good global strategy to ensure that this game of chess in China is the consensus of many auto companies.

    For China's "second Five Year Plan" introduced, the automotive industry leader Toyota recently issued a "global vision", in R & D, products, people, services, and other aspects of the Chinese market a full range layout. Toyota planning from the perspective of China, Toyota is no doubt the Chinese market well prepared, not only a thorough study of Chinese policy-oriented, and Chinese consumers in various ways to show good. At the recent seminar on China strategy, Toyota, all experts believe that as long as Toyota can really be put in place policies, grasp two key aspects of government and consumers, China is bound to it under a good game of chess, in order to ensure its global implementation of strategic stability.

    Policy levels: close to the policy, establish itself in China

    State Information Center, Xu Changming, director of Information Resources that the second five at the national auto industry development plan in China, so China's auto industry to grow stronger as a development goal. This is a goal the completion of two key points are: engine technology breakthroughs and new energy vehicle development. During the second five, the state will have to build a national test center for new energy vehicles. The test centers are typically very large investment, long payback period, the general enthusiasm of enterprises is not high.

    S vision of Toyota in China ten years, one of the most eye-catching initiatives to invest 689 million U.S. dollars in China to establish R & D center. This is by far the largest R & D investment, which will become the largest R & D center in China. Published information from the media revealed that the R & D center, including experimental design office, integrated R & D building, multi track and environmental facilities. Which is particularly worth mentioning is the Toyota R & D center has a professional-quality test road. Auto industry veteran Cheng Yuan media people think that this is a real R & D base.

    Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a new survey, "second five" since the beginning, the future strategy of multinational corporations in China to further enhance the status of multinational corporations continue not only to China as its manufacturing base for global markets, and plans to vigorously the Chinese market, will be more R & D activities, regional headquarters, advanced manufacturing high value-added services and high-end industrial activity to China.

    As the first company to carry out energy-saving models and development of enterprises, the next decade, Toyota Toyota's business in China not only to make to achieve the harmonious development of Chinese society, and energy efficient vehicles as a priority the development of new energy direction. Obviously, Toyota, China's policy orientation and market forecast has been well studied, fitting the development direction of Chinese policy as a Toyota in the future, the inevitable path of development by the government more confidence and support.

    The consumer level: active rehabilitation and regain the confidence of

    Currently, Toyota is facing in China is an important issue which is the brand repair, how to enhance customer satisfaction? How to repair relations with consumers? These are the Chinese to ensure that China will become a Toyota key to this game of chess. Xinhua News Agency, a senior reporter, stability and well-known car critic Lee that, while subject to recall crisis, but sales in China last year, is still innovative, indicating that Toyota fuel-efficient, durable, good brand in China, has a loyal user group. The future, the real implementation of the "customer satisfaction first," and continuing to enhance the user interactive communication, Toyota will be able to regain consumer confidence.

    In fact, the view from the existing service system, Toyota has been very perfect service measures, such as 3-year 100,000 km warranty (Lexus is 4 years), etc., enough to support them, "customer satisfaction first" target implementation. I believe as long as the strengthening of the Chinese market, Toyota's promotional efforts, and truly be implemented, consumers feel the real quality service from their satisfaction improvement is a natural thing.

    With the advance of the localization process, Toyota continued to strengthen as long as the communication with consumers, so that more consumers feel "genuine Toyota, Toyota's products, the Toyota service", is bound to their confidence in the product delivered to the consumer by heart, and thus transformed into consumer confidence in the Toyota brand.

    Toyota China Revival has been sailing only due to "implementation" of the road east, I believe that as long as Toyota can really implement these measures, a policy of the convoy, another boat care consumers, the success will be worth the wait.

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