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Tire safety is very important to the nine general situation of tire wear

In daily driving, the vehicle tire safety is very important. Your tires safe? Is not always regularly checked?

    Four wheels of the car must be checked monthly. Check the tires were also observed when the surface cracks or scratches. The best gloves out into the inside of the tire, check for suspicious marks. If they find nothing suspicious points, to immediately request the taxi companies to detailed examination. Do not want to throw defective tires. If found that the surface of the tire wear is not normal, should think of the wheel toe adjustment may have problems that need fixing.

    Tire wear can be divided into the following situations:

    1. Outer edge of the wear and tear

    Cause: If the outer edge of the larger tire wear, indicating that under-inflated tires often in the state, the pressure is not enough.

    Solution: Check several times more than the tire pressure. Possibly in a "highway" standard inflation, that is more than the normal standard and then Pa 30000.

    2. Convex-shaped and wavy wear

    Reason: if it is found on both sides of the tire was the ground convex part of the wear and tear, but also around the corrugated tire wear, indicating the car shock absorbers, bearings and ball couplings and other components wear more serious.

    Solution: We recommend that you replace the tires before the wear check the suspension system, replacing worn parts. Otherwise, even if the replacement tires will not help.

    3. Surface wear uniform

    Reason: the uniformity of the tire wear is normal, once the pattern of dry grinding, indicating that the tire must be replaced.

    Solution: If the standard tire tread wear depth reached (usually greater than 1.6 mm 175 mm tire width is 2 mm), to be replaced.

    4. Tire of the "invisible injury"

    Reason: the vehicle after a collision with hard objects, or driving under the flat tire, the tire rubber layer can have serious scratches, affecting sealing.

    Solution: In this case, the tire may leak, rupture. Such as smaller wounds can be repaired to meet contingencies. For long-distance travel, but must be replaced immediately.

    5. Central part of the wear and tear

    Reason: If you find the center of the tire area of ​​the ground part of the case of serious wear and tear, which indicates that the tire is inflated too often over the state, which will accelerate tire wear.

    Solution: check the pressure gauge is accurate, adjust the pressure. Only driving at high speed or load when it is required to over-inflated tires, in the general state is no need.

    6. Tire side of the crack

    Reason: poor maintenance or driving on gravel roads and construction sites and more on hard objects that come into contact with the tire, the tire under the weight of the inner damage caused.

    Solution: If repair costs are not too expensive to replace tires for properly. Now more squeamish than the original tires to proper maintenance.

    7. Tires bubble

    Reason: tire inner cracks caused the gas to the surface through the cracks, eventually causing the tire to "shooting."
  The solution: the timely replacement of tires is best, especially in the case of driving long distances.

    8. Tire inner wear

    Reason: inside tire wear, burr-like outer edges. Common to some old bad suspension, so that the whole body deep down. This indicates that the tire deformation, the symmetry of the two tires have been affected.

    The solution: better to shock absorbers, ball couplings and other accessories to replace all about. If costs are too high, you should first call upon the professional mechanic adjust the angle of the front axle and tires.

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