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Five reasons for turning the water outlet of radiator

Add water, turn the radiator outlet there is a reason?
    Radiator when the engine increases in the use of turning water outlet situation mainly in the following five:

    (1) hot water turned

    Phenomenon: the engine temperature is too high, antifreeze inside the radiator boiling, a large number turned out, jet, little attention people will be burned.

    Reason: Radiator lack of cooling fluid, cooling efficiency, cooling system component failure and other causes.

    (2) turn water block

    Phenomenon: blocking the cooling system, antifreeze circulation, caused by turning the radiator water, plug not serious, the fuel door does not turn, turn the throttle closed.

    Reason: Radiator plug, hot car inspection can be found throughout the very different heat sink temperature, the temperature inside the lower region that has been blocked. Another outlet pipe soft, being sucked in the engine work also have a plug turned flat water.

    (3) gas, water, turn water channeling

    Phenomenon: high-pressure gas cylinder engine fleeing into waterways, waterways in the engine cooling medium in a gas under high pressure applied to the radiator through the inlet into the room, Sheung Shui, the amount of water increased dramatically, causing the radiator turned water.

    Reasons: 1. Cylinder gasket burning, cylinder head screws loose, high-pressure gas through the combustion chamber gap Mifengbuyan into waterways. 2. Cylinder head crack, head of the local waterways on the cracks, it tends to make the gas fleeing, the occurrence of turning water. 3. Wet cylinder and the cylinder bore clearance fit properly, the cylinder head is not strong, causing cylinder move up and down, the gas cylinder gap by fleeing into waterways, causing the radiator turned water.

   (4) caused by petroleum products, antifreeze mixed with water, turn

    When adding antifreeze containers should be clean, dirt water tanks do not have to clean before adding, if mistakenly mixed with petroleum products, antifreeze, so that failure of the additive in the antifreeze, will produce a large bubble, affecting thermal performance, serious overflow from the radiator cap.

    (5) to add antifreeze turn caused by excessive water

    Antifreeze in the course, due to expansion of the larger antifreeze, add antifreeze can only raise 90% of tank volume, leaving the top of the radiator expansion space, or increase over full, the temperature is too high, easy to overflow.

    If the engine increases arising from the use of the radiator water outlet turn, can find out the reasons from the above five points, and troubleshooting.

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