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Water table, petrol gauge and odometer no indication


     A Nissan Maxima (NISSANMAXIMA) cars, the water table on the dashboard, petrol gauge and odometer no instructions. Related: Nissan X-Trail car remote control key set-up process

     Troubleshooting and Removal: In general, three tables are less likely to damage the same time, it is estimated that they have problems related public line, open the instrument panel instrument panel cover assembly removed, it was discovered the table for the three 12V power cord is Fastening screws loose leaving the operating voltage increase is not on and tighten the screw back in after the circuit, the test water temperature and odometer have been so that, but gasoline table anti-go.

     The table is two coils perpendicular to each other, there are three connection terminals, a ground Ground, an input is 12V, the float inside a petrol driven slide resistance of the sliding variable voltage sent point. Measured signal voltage is 12V and the float normal, but be sure to go Biaozhen anti-table has been damaged. Replace damaged because petrol gauge instrument panel assembly that gesture, but also increase the economic burden to the user, so I decided to try repair.

     Remove the fuel table to open the dial panel, found under the magnifying glass view of a coil lead wire to the pin was broken. Tweezers to carefully pull out the broken ends, fine sand with 800 patent destroyed, and then thread around to the pin, re-weld the equipment back to the dashboard, the access circuit test these three instruments are normal.

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