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Japanese auto parts supply chain algorithm of fault earthquake

Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: The suspension of the Japanese auto parts for many car makers worried about the Northeast due to the impact of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, some Japanese auto parts manufacturers in the production had to be temporarily stopped. Although the German auto industry is in terms of overall impact has not been obvious, but the concern within the industry is really obvious.

In the automotive industry and accessories industry in the manufacturing sector is the relationship between the closely linked. Germany, Bergisch - Gladbach car center expert Brad Branko (Stefan Bratzel) said: "The total value of a finished car, 30% of the value is the manufacturer, 70% of the value is from the parts supplier to achieved.'s Network in Japan in the globalization of industrial accessories play a very important role. "

Japanese auto parts manufacturer Denso Bosch is second only to Germany after the world's second largest auto parts supplier. Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. is the industry's top ten companies. The two companies are the world's largest car manufacturers including Toyota, to provide the engine, transmission, air conditioning, the body including a variety of auto parts.

Many electronic or semiconductor products manufacturers are just is in the northeastern region of Japan earthquake affected areas. Since many factories were damaged plant or incomplete supply of electricity had to temporarily suspend production. Many sections of the earthquake also caused traffic disruption, transport chain, which also interrupted.

Opel Eisenach, Germany in the production line is Germany's first delivery due to fracture of the Japanese parts production line being part of the cut. Porsche announced that a subsidiary of Volkswagen by Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. to provide the sports car's transmission now appears the problem of insufficient supply. Of mass car production for the company can only guarantee to the weekend. Tuesday, Volkswagen spokesman said a team of experts are discussing to find a solution. However, automobile experts said Brad Branko, find a suitable alternative for auto parts providers need to spend a lot of time.

But overall, the German auto industry has so far not encountered much broken parts supply problems. Most affected is the United States and China, because the two countries, car manufacturing industry to be more dependent on Japan.

Japan's crisis has exposed the shortcomings of a single supply chain. However, experts believe that the automotive industry to consider changing the date would not result in the parts procurement strategy. North Texas bank car expert Shiwo Pu (Frank Schwope), said: "Of course people will now 'in time production system' in this way draw a question mark, but I do not believe the whole industry will thus deviate from the" timely "system, but also is the rapid delivery of parts, rapid assembly of finished products. However, possible future producers will consider selecting a number of accessories business. "

German car manufacturers can now look forward to the Japanese auto parts manufacturers to resume normal production as soon as possible. In the automotive industry, the biggest victims of this disaster is Japan's own auto industry. Largest global market research firm IHS Automotive Insight analysis, due to the earthquake, the Japanese auto production in March, could shrink by 65%. Automotive experts Shiwo Pu said that the auto companies in Europe is probably a "good news": "In this period the number of cars produced in Japan will be reduced, then the European or German enterprises in the automobile sales may have the opportunity to create a more good sales. "

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