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Why upgrade to change the high voltage power conversion ignition wire?

First, why high-voltage ignition wire conversion?

    From the internal structure for a single high-voltage ignition wire, three core, four core, the core of five points. Principle, core body the more the higher the resistance the smaller the intensity of the ignition, the price more expensive. But the core body of too much current is too strong, if not using a special packaging and shielding materials, it will produce electromagnetic interference. However, the selection of special materials, will inevitably lead to rising costs. In order not to interfere with other vehicles, electrical equipment, the original vehicle is equipped with ordinary high-pressure points are usually single line of fire, and in the manufacturing line will artificially increase the resistance so that the car audio and car computers will not be electromagnetic interference does not work, but this design also the part of the high ignition energy consumed, leading to the original vehicle is equipped with high-voltage ignition wire for the general power consumption, relatively poor ability of the ignition, the vehicle's power decreased. Related: make your car "with a single step brilliance" to see how the conversion original wheels and tires from manufacturers to improve braking ability of modified

    Therefore, in order to improve the high-voltage ignition wire ignition, increase vehicle power, we must modify them, switching to high-energy high-voltage ignition wire.

    Second, the modified high-pressure high-energy ignition with what characteristics?

    High-energy high-voltage ignition wire of high voltage ignition wire resistance than the average much lower internal resistance, in order to overcome the impact of other electrical equipment of vehicles, lines of high-tech materials to shield the body shell, core multi-core system, can guarantee the line The smooth, ignition power through the good, looks good, durability increased.

    Third, the amount of high voltage ignition wire conversion is the resistance the lower the better?

    Of course not. In addition to taking into account the problem of electromagnetic interference outside the ignition energy can not be unlimited increase. Because of high energy ignition spark plug ignition may cause excessive, one of the life of the spark plug, the other will be for the engine damage. So in the modified high-voltage lines, you must select the qualified products through rigorous testing to ensure that you enjoy the power upgrade at the same time, play your engine's full potential and not excessive.

    Fourth, why the modifications have to be modified high-voltage spark plug?

    Because after using modified high pressure makes the spark plug ignition wire EDM issued stronger than the temperature of the spark plug before conversion is not greatly improved, if the first wife also uses the normal alloy spark plug, will shorten the life of spark plugs, it is recommended that both double platinum or Iridium Dress gold and other precious metal spark plugs, spark plug can withstand the high temperature above 2000 , while using the laser welding technology to make more precise spark plug of the discharge point.

    Also note that the modified car is a problem of overall coordination, individual pursuit of a particular aspect, is wrong. Power conversion from the primary conversion usually start, and select high-flow style of dress (reduced intake resistance and increase the feed rate per unit time), modified spark plugs and high-voltage (increased firing capacity) is the most common practice was.

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