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Try the light to judge the lecetronic ignition failure

aHow to quickly determine the electronic ignition (also known as ignition amplifier) ​​failure, is a difficult

technical problems. Electronic ignition circuit complexity, models of different lines are different. During the

test, the slightest mistake, you may burn ignition, causing irreversible damage.

    The following pilot light with electronic ignition failure quickly determine the method is based on years of

experience in maintenance of imported cars summed up, practice proved that this method is simple, practical, safe

and good. Electronic ignition basic circuit shown in Figure 1, the internal main switch is a transistor circuit,

the magnetic coil, Hall sensors or the computer ECU, IGT signal to trigger the turn-on or off, thereby controlling

the current through the ignition coil primary off, high voltage ignition.

    To confirm the existence of electronic ignition failure, the first use of two 3-5W automotive instrument light

bulb (or bulbs) compared with the ignition of the "1" side and "2" series and then connected to the battery side

positive. In this way, light bulbs, "2" instead of the ignition coil, ignition internal power transistor as the

load (Note: If you do not have this load, "2" then the power directly to the positive side, the power transistor

will burn in the conduction time), another light bulb " 1 "as the ignition circuit of the current internal


    Due to internal circuit current, voltage drop on the bulb is small, only make the reddish light bulb filament

does not affect the pre-amplification.

    Then, with one or two batteries to trigger the ignition device "A" side, will make light bulb "2" flashes. If

the lamp "2" does not flashes, the polarity should be reversed or re-check the battery terminals is wrong, light

bulbs, "2" If it still does not light or long light does not flash, indicating that the ignition is faulty and

should be replaced. This clever use of two 3-5W light bulb to do to protect and instructions. Normal bright light

is the "2" side, the transistor collector current; reddish is "1" side, the internal pre-circuit current is small.

As series two light bulbs, no matter what, will not burn ignition, card points safe, fast. Lexus has been excluded

by the Act 400 (Engine Model lUZ), Honda Accord (Engine Model F22A), Crown 3.0 (Engine Model 2JZ) and other cars

fault, very effective. I also used this method to make two serious damage to the ignition circuit and can not

identify the car ignition terminal back to normal firing function (a crown of 2.8, the engine 5M-E, a Toyota Keluo

La, Engine 4A-GE) .

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