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Troubleshooting low voltage circuits auto ignition system

1, horn ring, open headlights are bright. A screwdriver or a wire in the ignition coil "-" terminal on the test

fire, without fire, for the low-voltage ignition coil connected to the ammeter between the column circuit. By the

ignition coil "switch" -> ignition coil "switch - Power" terminal -> ignition switch -> the order of the ammeter

test fire, according to a fire and no fire to where the parts open fault diagnosis. If the terminal and wire

connection is not strong or bad, clean the terminal, tighten the nut; if a certain wire circuit to replace the

section of wire, the wire should be replaced with the same specifications as the original wire.

    2, the horn does not ring, open headlamp does not light. Starter terminal with a wire in the test fire, if

fire, the failure to ammeter between terminals for the starter circuit breaker; If there is no fire, then the fault

is the lack of battery power or line failure. Battery power is low, should be charged; circuit breaker, should be


    3, with a screwdriver in the ignition coil "-" terminal on the test fire, if fire, and then in the sub-floor

electrical activity between the contact arm and the test fire. If there is a fire, for the contact failure, can be

"platinum sand of" grinding contact and adjust the contact gap and other methods to troubleshoot. If there is no

fire, into the next step.

    4, electrical insulation in the sub-distributor shell access at the column and test fire, without fire,

electrical insulation, compared with sub-columns connected to the ignition coil "-" then column conductors open

fault; if there is a fire, for the insulation support to the insulated wires connected circuit fault between

columns. If the system of poor contact with the wire terminal power, clean and tighten the head with the wire

connection terminal; if a certain wire circuit, with the replacement of the section of the same size wire to wire

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