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Six points for car engine maintenance


1. Use the appropriate quality grade of oil

    Gasoline engine intake and exhaust systems should be based on additional devices and use optional SD-SF grade

gasoline engine oil; diesel engines will have to choose according to mechanical load CB-CD grade diesel engine oil,

a standard not less than the manufacturer specified requirements shall prevail .

    2. Regular oil and filter change

    Any quality level of oil in the course of oil quality will change. After a certain mileage, performance

deterioration, the engine will bring all sorts of problems. In order to avoid the occurrence of failure, should be

combined with periodic oil change use and make fuel affordable. Oil from the filter when the oil through the pores

of the solid particles and the viscous material accumulated in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil can not

pass the filter when the filter or open the safety valve burst from the bypass valve through, still the dirt back

to the lubrication site, make the engine wear, increasing pollution inside.

    3. Crankcase ventilation to keep

    Now most of the gasoline engines are equipped with ventilation PCV valve is to promote, but the channeling of

pollutants in the air "will be deposited around the PCV valve, the valve may be blocked. If the PCV valve plug the

inflow of polluted air reverse air filter, pollution filter, reduced ability to filter inhaled mixture too dirty,

even the pollution caused by the crankcase, resulting in increased fuel consumption, engine wear increase, or even

damage the engine. Therefore, regular maintenance of PCV, PCV valve clearance around pollutants.

    4. Regular cleaning crankcase

    The engine during operation, high pressure combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen

oxides through the piston ring and cylinder wall into the space between the crankcase, and the parts wear metal

powder produced mixed the formation of sludge. Less when suspended in oil, large amount of precipitation from the

oil, filters and plug hole, causing the engine lubrication difficulties, caused by wear and tear. In addition, oil

is generated in the high temperature oxidation of carbon film and bonded to the piston, the engine increases fuel

consumption, power down, and in severe that death card cylinder piston rings. Therefore, the regular use of BGl05

cleaning crankcase to keep the engine clean inside.

    5. Regular cleaning of fuel system

    For fuel oil to the combustion chamber through the combustion process, the formation of gum and inevitably

coke, the oil channels, carburetors, fuel injectors and combustion chamber deposits down, interfere with fuel flow,

disruption of normal air-fuel ratio so poor fuel atomization, resulting in the engine breath shaking, explosive

vibration, unstable idle, acceleration and poor performance problems. Cleaning the fuel system using BG208 and

BG202 control the regular use of coke production, the engine can always maintain the best condition.

    6. Regular maintenance of water tanks

    Engine tank rust, scale is the most common problems. Rust and scale will limit the cooling fluid flow in the

cooling system and reduce the cooling effect, resulting in engine overheating, even cause engine damage. Will form

a coolant acid oxidation, corrosion of metal parts water tank, causing tank damage, leakage. Regular use of BG540

cleansing of water tanks, which remove rust and scale, not only to ensure that the engine work, and extend the

overall life of the water tank and engine.


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