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DIY for chaning power steering fluid

If you find that help oil the following scale, thinning the oil or oil colors become black, it means power to replace oil.

    1. For oil power, the first car name, with the old oil pumping device will suck clean.

    2. To help the new oil injection, and then turn the steering wheel back and forth, so that new oil penetration, so that cleaning can also play a role. In order to penetrate completely, the owner of the direction of the best turn around dramatically, and then, and then turn slightly left and right direction. However, experts advise, the purpose of the steering wheel back and forth is to discharge the old oil in the steering, but not killed by the steering wheel for a long time, otherwise it will cause too much oil, steering oil will be emitted.

    3. Again to help take away the oil tank, and then help inject new oil, then turn the steering wheel again.

    4. The third time will help the oil to take away the purpose of this repeated operation is to ensure that the old oil is completely removed. Then add new oil. Experts remind that can not be mixed with any oil added.

    5. The name of car, you will hear a slight "flapping" sound, it does not matter, it is oil in the cycle, will gradually restore silence. Experts advise, not for a long time the oil in the car, otherwise it will damage booster pump

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