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Lamps maitenance

Understanding of the construction of lamps:

    Headlights are the most important lighting, traffic laws in the brightness of the headlights, illuminated area

have requested, directly affects the effect of lighting you and other people's traffic safety. Headlight bulbs are

closed and the replacement of two. Closed is the light bulb and lens, lamp shades made of a whole, to facilitate

mass production of the lamps. Most mini-cars and light commercial vehicles square, circular lights, are closed. Car

headlights and more irregular shape, is not conducive to make closed, so the use of light bulbs and lamp shades,

lens separate structure. Now the trend is, the more high-end cars, the more and more used to change a light bulb


    The structure is much simpler auxiliary lamps, most incandescent bulbs in general, coupled with the colored

plastic lampshade. The past two years, and some imported cars in the auxiliary light bulb on the use of colored,

transparent shade, this lamp looks shiny, and really good looking, but the bulb is much worse versatility.

    Check the entire vehicle lighting

    Requirements for headlamps is simple: adequate brightness, projection angle appropriate. Lighting, vehicle

detection when examined over the line items, but in everyday use, as long as you feel good on the line.

Illumination of headlights and the two main factors: light intensity and angle. There will be bumps in the road

car, the vibration, so the light will appear loose, dislocation, and this is also the lighting of the most common

cause of decline.

    Headlights are adjustable angle, most of which is in front of the cabin, behind the headlight, through the

screws to adjust, there are some adjustment in the car, or in the car electrically adjustable. Without the aid of

metering equipment can be parked on a straight road, start the engine, but remember it must be sufficient to

maintain the generator working headlight, each fine-tune the angle after the beam, beam switch between adjust to

you feel good on it.

    Auxiliary lighting, the display width of lights, brake lights and reversing light requirement is bright enough,

no flashing, the flashing turn signal frequency should be 60 to 120 times per minute, between the front and rear

lights and the frequency should be consistent. Assist light is not enough light, shade should be observed whether

the aging and yellowing, or water leakage caused by water vapor. Cleaning lamp is simple, as long as the lamp

apart, the inside with a damp cloth to wipe clean. If you feel the light of the projection angle is no problem, but

the lighting is still bad, then the light bulb was. Car headlights and halogen incandescent lamp has two, in which

the power-efficient halogen lamps, long life expectancy, although the price is higher, but has gradually become the

mainstream. When buying bulbs, pay attention to new and original light bulb lamp power is exactly the same, because

if a big power immediately burned, the brightness will be less than smaller, generally will be posted near the

lamps indicate the power of the label.

    Yourself changing a light bulb

    Starting from the light bulb behind the demolition, first remove the lamp cover back-end of the plastic or

rubber, plastic sleeve is unscrewed, the rubber sleeve can be opened directly, then you can see the holder part.

Most spring bulbs are fixed to the wire, the wire around the spring will shake loose, you can then pull out the

lamp, and then be sure to double-check the power light bulbs. Halogen bulb is a small cylindrical glass tube, get a

new lamp can not remember to touch the glass surface, or dip in the oil and grease on the glass bulb will power the

temperature soared, leading to the lamp broken. Lamp base has several pins, insert the new lamp original position,

make sure the lamp is not loose, then in reverse order of disassembly, the entire prototype headlight restoration

on it. You can return after the completion of the driver's seat, open the headlight switch, and admire the results

of their labor. Easier for auxiliary light bulbs, general lighting is from the rear to be demolished. Most of the

lights bulbs are fixed on a base plate, this floor can be easily unloaded with a screwdriver. If it is after the

lights, then first remove the trunk of the interior panels. Assist light bulb incandescent ball is generally fixed

way is our common home, right-angle plug lock. And the headlights, like, remember to replace the same wattage


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