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Summer water temperature is too high could easily lead to engine damage

Cause of the high water table

    Experts said that when driving the vehicle and the water temperature increases approaching the red line, or where the hood pop up the case of white steam, it means the water temperature is too high. High water table conditions appear generally is caused due to the following four aspects.

    First, look at the adequacy of the water tank or water leakage.

    Second, we must check whether the normal electronic fan rotation.

    Third, the temperature sensor is damaged.

    Fourth, the condenser tube is blocked and so on.

    Experts suggest that car owners pay more attention to inspection and maintenance of your car, always check the water tank enough, driving more carefully observed in the water table is normal.

    Easily hurt the engine water temperature is too high

    If the inspection found that the water temperature remained high, but not because of lack of water or tank leakage caused by the reasons, the need for timely maintenance of professional care centers to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and should try to slow speed, causing the engine to prevent the water temperature is too high damage. Because the water temperature is too high will cause the following problems:

    (1) the water temperature is too high will cause the engine temperature is too high cooling efficiency, thus speeding up the wear of the piston, resulting in uneven temperature changes, affecting the dynamic performance and increased fuel consumption.

    (2) Automotive cylinder head gasket is Chi-wear.

    (3) piston rings cylinder, may cause serious or even permanent damage to the engine.

    Therefore, there water table shows the temperature condition, should be timely inspection and maintenance of vehicles, to prevent a greater loss.

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