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Measures to reduce the wear of automotive engine piston rings detial

The key components of the engine piston rings, one of its direct impact on the work of the engine's performance. Meanwhile, the piston ring is wearing parts, maintenance piston rings when the piston is usually hanging out, therefore, often the repair or replacement of piston rings the first time as the engine overhaul period. Related reading: scientific and reasonable car repair to help you save the money spent to avoid unnecessary car repair dozens of errors that appear

    In recent years, due to the engine to speed and strengthen the direction, more and more demanding working conditions of piston rings, its wear resistance a higher requirement.

    Piston ring wear and its influencing factors

    Piston ring and cylinder car engine with the wear between the following characteristics:

    1. Only in the upper and lower rings for reciprocating movement between points, speed changes from rest to a maximum of up to 30m / s or so, significant changes to do so repeatedly.

    2. Reciprocating motion, the duty cycle intake, compression, doing work and exhaust stroke, the cylinder pressure changes greatly. 3. Because the impact of travel by combustion, piston movement is often conducted at high temperatures, especially in the first gas ring in the high temperature and pressure and the combustion products produced by chemical action, the film is difficult to establish, to achieve full lubrication difficult, and often in critical lubrication conditions.

    According to wear mechanism, piston ring wear can be divided into normal wear and tear, melt the wear and tear (scratches, abrasions), abrasive wear and corrosion wear. But these phenomena do not occur alone wear, but simultaneously and affect each other. In accordance with the wear parts, piston ring wear can be divided into upper and lower sliding surface wear and face wear. In general, the sliding surface abrasion wear than the bottom end, melting the sliding surface is mainly wear and abrasive wear; the upper and lower end Zeyi piston reciprocating movement due to the impact caused by wear.

    The largest piston ring wear of sliding surfaces often appear only in the cylinder position, because it has a role in the high temperature gases, destruction of the film, resulting in easy to melt with the conditions to accelerate the piston ring wear. In fact the so-called normal wear and tear usually contains a slight melting the wear and abrasive wear. Ring sliding surface of the road not the same amount of wear, the first gas ring wear the most, the second is about the first half of the ring about the minimum amount of oil ring wear. For example, Steyr WD615 engine installed in the piston ring on the reliability tests after 500h, the first gas ring opening gap wear is 0.4 ~ 0.6mm, the second opening gap wear is 0.25 ~ 0.4mm, opening gap oil ring wear is 0.3 ~ 0.55mm. But sometimes the oil ring wear few more than the middle ring is also large, this is due to the surface of the cylinder lubricating oil distribution and adsorption of impurities.

    Piston ring face wear down mainly because of the rigid fuel oil residue and dust from the atmosphere entering into the top and bottom surface of particles formed in the CMP, in essence, is the abrasive wear. However, when there is abnormal heat deformation of the piston, ring groove side of the gap decreases, melting may also occur with wear and tear.

    Many factors affect the piston ring wear, where the material and shape of the piston rings, cylinder liner and piston materials, structure, lubrication condition, the engine's structure, operating conditions, the quality of fuel and lubricants such as a major factor. Of course, in the same cylinder, the lubrication effect of piston ring wear is the largest?? State. Torus between the ideal sliding surface lubrication between the two uniform layer of film, but this fact does not exist, especially in the first gas ring, due to high temperatures, it is difficult to establish the ideal lubrication condition.

    Measures to reduce wear of piston ring

    Because many factors affect the piston ring wear, and these factors are often intertwined. In addition, the engines of different types and conditions of use, piston ring wear are also very different, and therefore can not rely on their own to improve the ring structure and materials to solve problems, mainly the following aspects from the start: piston ring and cylinder liner materials and good match; surface; structural state; lubricants and additives choice; assembly and running as a result of heating cylinder and piston of the deformation.

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