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Judge enigne failure according to spark plug core colour

According to many years of experience in gasoline engine repair, ceramic core surface by looking at the color of

the spark plug can determine gasoline engine failure, are presented below:

    1, the ceramic core surface white Related: automotive lubricants can not be said to avoid the daily use of four

errors appear in dozens of car repair errors

    Gasoline engine is working.

    2, the ceramic core surface was yellowish, reddish or reddish-brown

    Gasoline engine work is also normal, the reason why the surface of the ceramic core spark plug was yellowish,

reddish or reddish brown, is due to the fuel, caused by the different additives.

    3, the ceramic core was dark brown

    Brown spark plug color was black, the side shell and very hard on the block with a thick carbon deposition.

There are two reasons: First, gasoline burning oil, because oil from the piston rings or valve guides into the

entry. Second, the reasons for the spark plug itself, with eyes to see a spark plug side electrode ceramic rupture

or break, there are obvious reasons for not from the outside. Its method of flashover can be checked, the spark

plug flat on the cylinder head, with central high-voltage bolts from the spark plug 5 mm or so, then move the

contact breaker flash over the situation to see spark plug gap. If strong and blue and white sparks, indicating

that the normal spark plug, if the weak spark or no spark, that spark plug itself is faulty and need replacing.

    4, the ceramic core was miserable white

    Ceramic core pale, that the spark plug overheating. In the multi-cylinder gasoline engine only appear in the

individual spark plug, spark plug heat value may be (hot type) is too low, misuse, inferior quality reasons; such

as a ceramic core cylinder often pale, you should check the cylinder compression ratio is not too high, or check

the water jacket around the spark plug is blocked. For the compression ratio, and should pay attention to whether

the phenomenon of hot ignition; if several tanks simultaneously pale ceramic core, should be considered gasoline

engine load is too large, insufficient capacity cooling system and other reasons, should be replaced with a higher

level of spark plug heat value.

    5, the ceramic core was micro black

    And there was micro thin black toner coverage, even the side of the torus shell are carbon deposition on the

electrode. If this phenomenon time cold, after low-speed operation, and after a period of normal use will eliminate

post. In normal use conditions such as high, spark plugs should be replaced with low calorific value. After

switching to gasoline should be noted that in the high-speed, high load without overheating and center pole

Shaorong spark plug, cylinder and so on.

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