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Auto Repair: Auto repair knowledge of engine cylinder sleeve

Engine cylinder liners and piston rings in high temperature, high pressure, alternating load and corrosion work in the case of a pair of friction. Long-term work in the complex case, the result is a deformation of the cylinder liner wear, affecting the engine's power, economy and life. Careful analysis of the causes deformation of cylinder liner wear, use for improving the economy of the engine are very important.

    First, because analysis of cylinder liner wear

    Cylinder working environment is very poor, resulting in a lot of wear and tear reasons. Usually due to structural reasons for normal wear and tear is allowed, but the improper use and maintenance, it will cause abnormal wear and tear.

    1 structure causes wear and tear

    1) poor lubrication conditions, severe wear of the cylinder sleeve. Ministry of the cylinder sleeve adjacent the combustion chamber, high temperature, lubrication conditions are poor. Fresh air and no erosion and dilution of fuel evaporation, exacerbating the deterioration of the upper part of the conditions, so that both the cylinder or semi-dry sliding friction in the state, which is the upper cylinder wear and tear caused by serious reasons.

    2) The upper part of pressure, causing the cylinder goes to-heavy wear and tear. Piston rings in their role of stretch and the back pressure in the cylinder wall, pressed on, the greater the positive pressure, lubricant film formation and maintenance of the more difficult, increased mechanical wear. In his work schedule, with the piston down, the pressure is gradually reduced, and thus goes to-heavy cylinder wear.

    3) mineral acids and organic acids to the cylinder surface corrosion spalling. Combustible mixture inside the cylinder after combustion to produce steam and acidic oxides, which produce mineral acids dissolve in water, plus organic acids generated in combustion, the cylinder surface corrosion, corrosion in friction gradually Piston out, resulting in deformation of the cylinder sets.

    4) into the mechanical impurities, so that the central cylinder wear increased. Dust in the air, lubricating oil and other impurities into the piston and cylinder wall between the cause abrasive wear. With dust or impurities in the reciprocating piston in the cylinder when the cylinder due to the maximum velocity of the central position, it exacerbated the central cylinder wear.

    2, the wear caused by improper use

    1) The oil filter filtration poor results. If the oil filter is not working properly, the lack of effective oil filtration, contains large amounts of hard particles of the oil is bound to wear increased bi cylinder kit.

    2) air filter filtration efficiency is low. The role is to clear the air filter the air entering the cylinder contained in the dust and sand to reduce the cylinder, piston and piston rings and other parts of the wear and tear. Experiments show that if the engine air filter, cylinder wear and tear will increase 6-8 times. Long-term lack of air filter cleaning and maintenance, filtration is poor, will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner.

    3) for a long time at low temperature operation. Low-temperature long run, one cause burning bad, put on the Ministry of carbon from the cylinder began to spread, so that the Ministry of the cylinder put serious abrasion; the second is caused by electrochemical corrosion.

    4) Regular use of poor quality lubricants. Some car owners will save money the easy way, often at the roadside shops or to unscrupulous traders to buy low-quality lubricant oil, resulting in a strong upper cylinder corrosion, normal wear and tear than its big 1-2 times.

    3, the wear caused by improper maintenance

    1) Cylinder improper installation location. When installing the cylinder liner, if there is installation error, cylinder and crankshaft centerline axis is not vertical, will cause abnormal wear of cylinder liner.

    2) sets of copper rod hole deflection. In the repair, reaming head copper rod sets, the reamer sleeve sloping hole caused by deflection of copper rod, piston pin and connecting rod small end center line is not parallel to the centerline, forcing the piston to one side of tilt cylinder liner , can also cause abnormal wear liner.

    3) rod bending. Because coaster accident or other reasons, by the impact of the connecting rod will produce bending, if not promptly corrected and continue to use, will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner.

    4) The crankshaft connecting rod journal and the neck is not parallel to the spindle. Bush-burning engines for other reasons, would be severe because of the impact of the crankshaft and deformation, if not promptly corrected and continue to use, it will also speed up the cylinder liner wear.


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